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Use of internet technology and social media affect the way we Think

Both Nicholas Carr and Clive Thompson agree that the use of internet technology and social media affect the way we think While Nicholas Carr is insistent that technology is continuously increasing its relevancy into our lives resulting in destroying our brains Thompson argues that there are enormous benefits that come from social interaction within the Internet He declares that social media gives users new ways learn and share information leading to more significant memory retention and the ability to remain connected to people wherever they are located While I agree with Thompson that social media allows us to stay connected to friends near or far technology like online media offers a vast variety of learning tools and it is up to any individual how they want to take advantage of these devices Clive Thompson and Nicholas Carr have two different perspectives however they both agree technology affects the way we think In the article Smarter than You Think How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better Thompson believes technology is positive that a computer is seen as an extension of our brain Unlike our minds computers can calculate an endless amount of information He believes that with each advancement we can create and harness new ways of thinking Meanwhile in Nicholas Carr s article entitled 

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