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Milk production starts during pregnancy

Milk production starts during pregnancy with the help of prolactin and oxytocin Colostrum milk is produced in the initial 2 3 days after childbirth It contains plenty of white cells and antibodies like secretory immunoglobulin A sIgA It also contains proteins minerals and vitamins A E and K Transitional milk is produced from day 7 to 14 whereas mature milk is produced 2 weeks after childbirth Human milk contains lots of nutrients which are beneficial for infants or babies There are two categories of protein whey and casein When digested casein forms clots or curds in the stomach whereas whey stays as liquid Human milk contains more whey than casein The ratio of whey and casein changes depending on the stages of lactation Secretory immunoglobulin A sIgA are whey proteins Bacteria are prevented from entering the cells with the presence of sIgA as it coats the intestinal mucosa Pasteurization reduces the concentration of immunoglobulin A IgA Lactoferrin is related to the decrease in the number of necrotizing enterocolitis and sepsis Lactoferrin is a storing anti infective and anti inflammatory present in the mother s milk A study states that 59 of lactoferrin remained after pasteurization at 62 5 C for 5 min and 27 remained after pasteurization at 62 5 C for 30 min Disaccharide and oligosaccharide are present in human milk which provides energy and protection against infection Polyunsaturated fatty acids are present in human milk such as DHA and ARA which are unavailable in other milks DHA and ARA are important for the child s neurological development Although DHA and ARA are added in infant formula its effect may not be as effective as those from human milk 

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