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The importance of physical attractiveness

Phyllis spends over two hours every day ensuring that her appearance meets her standard of attractiveness before leaving the house Based on research into the importance of physical attractiveness discuss whether this a wise investment of time Many factors influence who people are attracted to Attractiveness refers to interpersonal appeal When focusing on attraction most people think of physical appearance the degree to which a person's physical features are considered aesthetically pleasing Berry 2000 individuals within society are strongly influenced by the physical attractiveness of a person Swami Furnham 2008 Given this importance of physical attractiveness in our society individuals with appealing physical features are more successful in many areas of their lives such as more success on interviews Dipboye Arvey Terpstra 1977 and even receiving lighter sentences Desantis Kayson 1997 This essay will explore the importance of physical attractiveness based on research with reference to Phyllis s daily routines and whether ensuring that her appearance meets standards of attractiveness is a wise investment of time The shared agreement of attractiveness among society is due to evolutionary predisposing factors that are influenced by certain characteristics of an individual Individuals are more likely to be attracted to another individual who has an appealing physical appearance rather than an unappealing physical appearance 

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