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Teaching Sexuality and Gender in the School Systems

Throughout the years the idea of schools teaching their students about sexuality and gender has been a very controversial topic Mainly because schools aren t quite sure if it s what they call appropriate In my personal opinion that is an excuse because children and teens don t care about sexuality and gender but teens are often very confused about the subjects from overall lack of knowledge about the subjects Their lack of knowledge leads then to act very rudely towards those that are a part of the LGBTQA community because they don t understand Another factor is that adults have a tendency to tell their children that anything that s beyond the normal which is straight and cis is wrong or it s not real and or a mental illness So the children grow up thinking that anything beyond the norm is bad Then they pass it down to their children when its really not bad Schools need to properly educate children on this subject because being LGBTQA is not bad and definitely needs to be taught in schools and explained so that kids and teens who are maybe questioning their sexuality and gender can start to finally understand 

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