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Wishing to study crime forensics you may want to study physics First

If you find yourself wishing to study crime forensics you may want to study physics first Before understanding the relationship between physics and crime forensics one must understand what crime forensics is Crime forensics can be defined scientific tests or techniques used in connection with the detection of crime In simplistic terms it s the usage of science in crime investigation However within all the sciences physics plays one of the most important roles in crime forensics Physics is used in certain areas of forensics such as cross examinations of blood splatters crime scene reconstruction infrared spectromicroscopy and ballistic evidence Allow me to elaborate Ballistic evidence uses basic knowledge of physics if anything it is rooted in science Ballistic evidence is used to determine the trajectory of a bullet along with its possible impact Projectile comes into play when calculating the path in which the bullet was traveling along with the speed the bullet and the height the bullet was shot from Being able to determine the height and speed of the bullets helps narrow down the possible guns that were used Examining ballistics broken down into two out of four of its sections starting with interior ballistics Interior ballistics will indicate how physics is used to determine the ignition time and lock time Ignition is used because the initial pressure released by the gun to the bullet holds effect on the final velocity of the bullet The friction between the gun and bullet affects the movement of the bullet Exterior ballistics focuses on all the forces acting on a bullet just as when dealing with projectile and direction you would focus on the forces acting upon an object Gravity forces the bullet to accelerate downward 

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