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Atticus Finch is an excellent father to two well behaved Kids

Atticus Finch is an excellent father to two well behaved kids known as Jem and Scout Atticus has a lot of strengths but he also has lots of faults One fault was being too belittled by the realism of Bob Ewell s threats This essay will explain Atticus s strengths and weaknesses in To Kill a Mockingbird I believe that Atticus s best strength is being an excellent father to his two kids Jem and Scout Atticus helps his kid with important life lessons nn He told his kids the truth instead of avoiding their questions or lying to his kids like what most parent would do if something bad happens One example of this is when Tom Robinson had died when he was in prison He had said Depends on how you look at it What was one Negro more or less among two hundred of em He wasn t Tom to them he was an escaping prisoner Lee 235 This is a good example of being a great father because he explains Tom Robinson s death in an easier way of processing it Atticus helps his kids handle a death of a well known man He also had make Scout nicer as a person and how she talks to others Atticus doesn t let Scout say racist words around African American people He is trying to make

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