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The human body is composed of four main Elements

Oxygen Hydrogen Carbon and Nitrogen They make up 99 4 of the human and with all trace elements included we are still only at 99 888042 Still 0 111958 shy of completion The Human Body Composition But these numbers only can explain the chemical makeup of a body We as people ourselves know more than chemistry is required to have someone be human For someone to truly be human they have to make their own decisions voluntarily Freewill makes up the mind of a human and allowed us to evolve into the apex predators of the planet We also show a complex set of feelings or thoughts making us able to communicate with others and express our mental state and thoughts Humans are fascinating creatures able to create and destroy on a whim of thought But to be human is to be independent in our actions and express everything in our mind Humans have been able to rise to the top of the food chain over the history of earth One way we've done this is by adapting a trait only us humans have which is free will Freewill by definition means the power of acting without the constraint of necessity This is one of the most defining characteristics that make up a human being allowing us to decide on things other than survival In Frankenstein Mary Shelley writes about the monster and gives him this free will to make him more human 

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