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How Croc's exploit these competencies in the Future

How Croc's exploit these competencies in the future by the following alternative a Further integration into materials Because Crocs uses the material like Crostlite which makes their shoes comfortable easy to clean and odor resistance With this unique and essential material will help Crocs still be the leader in the market Even though nowadays we have seen various counterfeit products that imitate Crocs shoes the unique material will help Crocs a competitive advantage with their better quality and sustainability b Growth by acquisition By owning manufacturing operation adding company owned warehouses to each factory will help Crocs support their supply chain model molded around satisfying customer needs with flexibility and in controlled management However Crocs should prepare and be aware of some challenges caused by different culture from the various acquisition of diverse countries In addition the growing of acquisition can help Crocs to expand their product line to be special in the specific area for each country 

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