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The circus is known as a joyous festivity with Acrobats

The circus is known as a joyous festivity With acrobats stilt walkers and trapeze can all be found under the big top All the iconic animals like elephants big cats and monkeys can be found there as well Have you ever wondered how these animals are treated What methods have they used to make animals like tigers jump through a ring of fire Today in this essay we will be addressing these topics We will be talking about methods used for training the effect it has on the animals and what has been done to attempt to solve the issue Circuses should be animal free After reading you will understand why First we will talk about the methods used during training While some may believe they are trained the same as everyday pets like dogs or cats They could not be farther from the truth Stated from an article from One Green Planet by Abigail Geer as of 2014 Circus animals are often starved or dehydrated to become more submissive Circuses resort to other jurassic measures besides starving From the same article we learn that circuses use bullhooks whips muzzles electric prods and tight collars to train the animals Kosair Shrine Circus has even said Asking an 8 000 pound circus elephant to stand on its hind legs isn't the easiest thing to do So if it's difficult to do certain measures would be done so it performs correctly 

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