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Memory is a very hard subject to Study

Memory is a very hard subject to study Many philosophers created theories that were not discovered decades after Most of the scientific thought of memory has developed over time and has been influenced by people from the great philosophers of ancient greece Human behavior development and nature all require an understanding of memory Plato Aristotle Hermann Ebbinghaus and Richard Semon all had theories that contributed to our understanding of human memory Plato s wax tablet metaphor showed us memory storage technologies People often talk about memory in metaphors Some metaphors that express memoires are a wax tablet a record player a writing pad a tape recorder or a video camera There are also different kinds of metaphors for example types of knowledge different times in our lives and different memories that are stored in different places Plato's ideas were further developed by other rationalists philosophers Aristotle s most powerful contribution to the development of memory was the idea that memories are composed of various simulations or experiences The aspect of memory has influenced on how people think about the mind behavior and genetic influences Richard Semon developed a theory on memory and the process of retrieval in the 20th century his work was not noticed until seventy years later Clive

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