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Fourteen years ago in June The Arctic Monkeys played their first ever gig

Fourteen years ago in June The Arctic Monkeys played their first ever gig Having formed at school the teenage band were performing at a pub in the center of Sheffield though their frontman and chief songwriter Alex Turner was not even old enough to drink in it Later that night when asked what his aspirations for the show were he replied Just to get to the end of the night and pull the bird that I fancied that I d got to come down Yeah that was it Despite the seeming lack of forethought and ambition the band would soon be well on their way to notoriety and success After a few performances in 2003 the band began to record demos at 2fly studios in Sheffield They recorded songs to give away at gigs and online It was fans uploading these songs on the Internet that spread the word about the band The Arctic Monkeys were one of the first examples of a band attracting commercial interest through this relatively new medium and soon after signing to Domino Recording Company in 2005 they were the poster boys for the internet music generation One year later The Arctic Monkeys exploded into fame with the fastest selling debut LP in British history Whatever People Say I Am That s What I m Not was unanimously lauded as a modern classic and the indie rockers behind it were widely touted as the UK s next big rock and roll band The lead singer and creative force of the Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner is a wordsmith who defied his years At the mere age of 20 even younger when he wrote the songs Turner placed the microscope on those events all adolescents experience and honed in on the minutiae of such encounters drunk texting lust and scraps down the taxi rank It was Turner s disillusioned commentary on such relatable subjects that proved universal In essence they were the majority of teenager s conversations set to music Consider the streak of rebellion layered throughout the album take for instance

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Numerous cases of genocide have occurred throughout the history of the world

Numerous cases of genocide have occurred throughout the history of the world that has brought devastation and destruction to countless communities homes and families Often times genocide was carried out by the government against a minority in the nation Genocide was officially declared an international crime in 1948 In the Central American country of Guatemala the government targeted the Mayan Indians indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica The Guatemalan genocide is one in which a native people who once prospered in their homeland became an impoverished and oppressed minority because of the hate and ignorance harbored by the spanish explorers that conquered the land Guatemala is a relatively small country in Central America just below Mexico This region was once the center of the ancient Mayan civilization As the age of exploration brought the Spanish conquest of Central America the native peoples were forced into a new economic system that relied heavily on slave labor a role filled by the Mayans Although Guatemala gained independence in 1821 it continued to be ruled by a series of military dictators aligned with the landed oligarchy CJA This made it easy for them to take advantage of the people and remain an influence on the nation s political economic and social matters The Mayans would be oppressed for so long it would become normal and the atmosphere for genocide would grow Political chaos and civil war in the 1960 s and 70 s only contributed to this atmosphere It became easier for extremist parties to gain influence and power in Guatemala Two main sides developed the right wing military dictatorship and the aggressive guerilla movement which launched a full scale civil war against the government CJA 

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