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Made sure to remind me to respect my Elders

Growing up my parents always made sure to remind me to respect my elders We know what we re doing they said or my personal favorite You shouldn t question our decisions And I never did I believed wholeheartedly that my parents would always have my best interest in mind and in consequence others would too I trusted the world to take care of me when I used to be too young to care for myself Yesterday afternoon General Attorney Jeff Sessions announced the administration is revoking DACA the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program On June 15 2012 DACA was introduced by the Homeland Security s Secretary who notified that people who came in to the United States as young children and meet certain standards set could apply for deferred action which would have a duration period of two years pending renewal 

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A cybersecurity event is defined as an event resulting in unauthorized Access

Introduction A cybersecurity event is defined as an event resulting in unauthorized access to disruption or misuses of an information system or information stored on such information system Brubaker 2017 Cybersecurity main purpose to provide protection to the data in the system from illegal access The importance of the cybersecurity is increasing everyday more and more in government organizations and people who are process and save large mount of sensitive data in the network Having efficient cybersecurity product or service can secure organization sensitive data Detecting breaches from happening can save the organization a lot of money that can be used and invested in company s development and growth Analysis Innovation plays an important role in cybersecurity industry because it helps to protect the system from attacker that want to damage the company's resource All companies should allow their security architecture to include innovation in their plan We read in the news that many companies recourse getting attacked in the daily basis that why they need for innovation since the recent technologies is not helping Attackers are continually innovating and evolving their capabilities so there needs to be innovation and evolution of defense capabilities to achieve any success Ashford 2015 Cybersecurity can help safeguard organization network by allowing innovation and search for new solution and evolving capabilities in the marketplace By adding innovation in their plan this will make it easy for companies to draw their security budgets to lower the business risk and meet stakeholder expectation

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Hatshepsut was an extraordinary pharoah bringing Economic

Hatshepsut was an extraordinary pharoah bringing economic architectural and military success to ancient Egypt Born in 1508 BCE Hatshepsut reigned over Egypt for more than 20 years in the 15th century BCE She is historically considered one of the most successful pharaohs to fully appreciate her legacy her life s accomplishments especially in light of the typical patriarchal governance of the time must be discussed Hatshepsut's father King Thutmose I had two daughters but was left with only Hatshepsut after his other daughter s early death Hatshepsut married her half brother pharaoh Thutmose II at age 12 to become queen and solidify her position within the royal family This inter family marriage was accepted among the aristocracy in ancient Egypt To perpetuate the monarchy Hatshepsut needed to produce a male heir but gave birth to a girl In light of this Thutmose II designated a male heir from one of his minor wives In 1479 BC Thutmose II passed away at a young age likely from a skin disease per markings on his mummy His son was too young to become king thus Hatshepsut and Thutmose III became co regents Approximately two years into their joint reign in 1473 BCE

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