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Modern technology various ways of Learning

Ever since the advent of modern technology various ways of learning were changed from conventional to modern This change allows learning efficient and interesting through integrating equipments such as audio visual technology that will enhance and stimulate the eagerness of students to learn According to the study conducted by Eze E U 2013 human being learns more easily and faster through the use of Audio visual processes than through verbal explanations alone To strengthen that idea Swank R C stressed that 40 of human beings concept formation are through visual perception 25 upon auditory 17 on tactile 15 upon miscellaneous organic sensation and 3 upon taste and smell This data shows how do students really need the integration of Audio visual technology Audio visual technology allows ease of use while teaching According to Seaman 1998 the use of Audio visual saves time for teachers The ability of these equipment to save time allows teachers to cover more lessons and use time efficiently However Seaman 1998 also discovered that the time allocated for students to processes information decreases This is because of the need to go through another slide so that the lecture will proceed According to the study conducted by Gopal V P 2010 audio visual material overcomes the physical difficulties of a teacher of presenting the subject matter 

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