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Wearable Sensors, Biometric Motion and Environmental Sensors

Schizophrenia Schizoaffective Disorder major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder are some chronic psychiatric disorders which cause disability all over the world and possess the 11th 2nd and 17th places on the list of universal causes of disability Naslund et al 2015 Rohatagy et al 2016 Batra et al 2017 Therefore people who safer from these disorders have reduced functioning levels and need daily care and long termed treatment Naslund et al 2015 Batra et al 2017 Furthermore they have to confront not only health problems but also social and economic problems which lead to inferior quality of life Naslund et al 2015 Cella et al 2017 Personalized psychiatry approach based on digital health technologies DHTs is a possible way to overcome some of the aforementioned difficulties and make a better care system for people with psychiatric disorders These technologies have given opportunities to understand in more detail mental illnesses and make better the outcomes for patients in many ways Batra et al 2017 Penna et al 2017 Diagnosis treatment decisions and opportune interventions before crisis outbreak are now possible through real time obtained information Batra et al 2017 Promising DHTs in the field of psychiatry are the interactive wearable devices Coffey Coffey 2016 Malhi et al 2017 In general there exist three types of wearable sensors biometric motion and environmental sensors Biometric sensors can record heart rate respiration blood pressure oximetry galvanic skin response muscle activation temperature and the levels of hydration

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