Essay Examples on Weapons of Mass Destruction

The threat posed during and after the usage of Chemical Weapons.

Honorable Chair and fellow delegates of all member states of the United Nations. All throughout the world, the global nation has begun to face a rapid and extensive modification of technology, than in other periods of history causing substantial benefits along with devastating side effects. Chemical weapons its modern notion being emerged from the 19th century has brought inevitable happenings throughout the world, not to mention various fatalities, ecological problems along with the disposal problems of unexploded ordnances. Although the global community is aware of the threat posed during and after the usage of chemical weapons some nations are still hesitant in eliminating or ceasing to use them. This passive attitude forced the advent of international organizations such as OPCW for seeking effective implementation of the reasonable limitations and elimination for the goals, aimed to resolve the ongoing threat and the influence to humanity. Chrystia Freeland the Canadian Minister of Foreign affairs proclaimed. The use of chemical weapons by any actor is a breach of international law, continued impunity is unacceptable and the perpetrators must be held to account. Canada once a producer and a developer of chemical weapons has realized the severity and devoted a great amount of effort to safely destroying them and currently has no chemical weapons or production facilities.

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