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All that You Need To Know about Pointless Websites.

All that You Need To Know about Pointless Websites and how they Work Well we bring you Pointless websites that are certain to put a smile on your pretty face and they will definitely cheer you up. It is the weekend and you’re tired. You want to relax and do something fun. Have you thought of something that will ensure a good mood? Then continue reading. What are pointless websites? Neither is it innovative nor is it ingenious but it is an excessive way to waste your time. The pointless websites are nothing but an assortment of some of the world's worst useless and pointless websites. It's fundamentally a massive button that one can click to take one to those useless websites several of which you’ll know and love and others that may be completely innovative and extremely creative to you. But all of those sites share one collective peculiarity they’re useless AF. What is the purpose of pointless websites? Now the question is why would someone create a website as useless as making a worm dance with your mouse on screen ducks, are the best with flashing ducks moving images, weird and confusing facts and images on the website just to create attraction or what. No idea at all. The useless web is for those who are looking for a time pass because there are websites that are useless in a way but if you are a pointless useless person yourself you might find something catchy about them.

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