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In the era of reformation Propaganda is Propagate

In the era of reformation Propaganda is propagate by printing press throughout the Europe and especially in Germany New ideas thoughts and doctrine were made which made visible and available for the public and were used to mold and make new thoughts of the people In 1914 the fare well to arm outbreak of war is the highlighted example of propaganda propagation by the Government A military official Erich Ludenroff highlighted after the defeat of Germany that propaganda was the instrument caused defeat for Germany used by opponents 20th century was the age of new invention in propaganda and that invention was of motion r moving pictures This motion pictures invention gave strong and powerful tool to propaganda creators to enhance and console military and political interest in people and also to create the consent of rejection for the real enemy because the motion pictures were reaching the broad segment of public In 1917s October Revolution German film industry was sponsored by the Soviet to make propaganda films For instance The Battleship Potemkin film glorifies communist ideals in 1925 For the supporting of Sudetenland and attacking Poland the German film industry were making highly emotional films in WWI 

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