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Research done by Sarangi P and Nayak B 2016

Research done by Sarangi P and Nayak B 2016 concluded that the above 6 C s is improve the effectiveness of employee in manufacturing companies Result from the 200 questionnaires showing 48 53 of the employee are agree 28 33 are strongly agree 6 33 employees are disagree and only 1 of employee are strongly disagreed while 18 5 of the employees are no having any opinion Study was conducted Bhavani et al 2015 to measure the level of employee satisfaction at the organization and the factors influence the effectiveness of employee engagement in the automobile Industry Recognition and reward Incentives and benefits appear to be the most important factors as this will motivate employees and thus increase their loyalty Equal opportunities come second as this creating good environment and make employee enthusiastic Third factors is allow employee participate in management which believe to bring about leadership quality in them forth is recognition and reward that that will motivate the employee Last factor was communication which leads to honesty and promote mutual understanding Agrawal S 2016 carried studies to understand drivers of employee engagement in the multi generational and diverse workforce It was concluded that locus control found to be the critical predictor of employee engagement 

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