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Topic evaluating the environmental impact assessment of MMG Gold

Topic evaluating the environmental impact assessment of MMG gold in Kokoyah Bong County 1 1 Background of the Study 1 2 Statement of the Problem 1 3 Research Questions 1 4 Delimitation 1 5 Limitation of the Study 1 6 Significance of the Study 1 7 Definition of key terms 1 8 Organization of the Study Problems The generation of air pollutants dust and other suspended chemical particles by the company there are unobserved protection activities for the ecologically sensitive area adjacent for the conservation of Mona monkeys Additionally there exist a suspicion about the continuous ground and surface water pollution due to inadequate management and usage of chemicals The inhabitants of surrounding towns seem to be faced with health hazard due to noise earth vibration and water pollution General Objective The researcher intends to identify the environmental impacts on the surround towns and ecosystems in the Gold mining areas of MMG Gold in Dean s Town Kokoyah District Bong County The Specific Objectives 1 Find out whether the company generates air pollutants 2 Identify the protective plan and or activities of the company in conserving ecologically sensitive area and species 3 Find out whether there is or has been ground and or surface water pollution from the company operation 4 Identify number of inhabitants faced with health hazard from the company operation Research questions 1 

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