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Soil moisture SM is an essential contributor to Climate

Surface soil moisture SM is an essential contributor to climate and hydrological sciences which plays an important role in disaster predictions such as flooding and drought environmental monitoring such as dust storms and erosion and hydrological applications The water content of soil affects a variety of physical and biological processes in the biosphere and links the Earth's surface and atmosphere through its influence on surface energy and moisture fluxes It is counted as a source of water for the atmosphere through processes leading to evapotranspiration from land which include mostly vegetable transpiration and bare soil evaporation In addition antecedent SM conditions affect the hydrologic behavior of land surfaces by controlling in part the infiltration capacity of soils and the portioning of precipitation into runoff and storage terms From the ecohydrology perspective of water limited environments focused on understanding the linkages between vegetation water climate relationships have been found to have a complicated dependence on availability of SM dynamics Mulebeke et al 2013 Garcia Estringana et al 2013 All these processes are highly characterized by nonlinearity functions of SM and complex feedback mechanisms 

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