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Ambition is something everyone should Feel

Ambition is something everyone should feel or have in life but like everything in life it needs to be controlled and it needs a limit or it might become something negative Without ambition people live in the comfort zone and it would not let us see our true potentials that we might have or that we can develop Feeling ambition will also help us discover new places people and things others might not see I personally think there are some groups that are more ambitious than other ones Groups can be classified in different ways A group can be some people from the same country culture religion a certain range of age or people with the same needs or same goals I am going to focus on the group of people that are more ambitious than others and they come from underdeveloped countries people with high needs that are less fortunate and have fewer opportunities in life If ambition is something everyone can have or feel it why are they certain groups more ambitious than others I believe there are several reasons for that and I personally went through some of the following reasons myself I was born in Colombia a country which is not as fortunate and lucky as the United States I am not saying Colombia it's the worst country to be raised but it is not the best one either 

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