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Stanley Milgram's most famous experiment and how it can help Humanity

Stanley Milgram's most famous experiment and how it can help humanity in 1963 one of the most famous studies of obedience in psychology was carried out Stanley Milgram was a psychologist at Yale university He was conducting an experiment focusing on the relationship between obedience and authority Milgram s experiments examined justification for acts of genocide when war criminals claimed they where following orders and instructions from their superiors those with more authority The experiment was created to explain the horrors of world war two where enemies of the sate were brutally slaughtered by Nazis He sought to answer the question could it be that Eichmann and his million accomplices these where simply following orders During this essay I will be trying to answer this question by looking at the results of Milgram s experiment and seeing how we could potentially use them to help humanity The experiment Milgram selected the participants at random simply by putting an advertisement out in the newspaper and they would be paid a fee of 4 50 for turning up regardless 40 males between ages 20 50 where recruited 

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