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PROFESSIONAL STATEMENT MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Always the one with the inquisitive mind the eye for precision and the predisposition to solve problems I applied for and gained admission into the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Kumasi Ghana s premier university of science and technology to pursue the Bachelor of Science course in Civil Engineering After four grueling years of laboratory work design projects and coursework in elementary structures basic mechanics soil and rock mechanics highway and transportation engineering and structural analysis among others I passed out with my interests piqued towards the structural engineering field However it is my long standing desire to be part of the design process whilst having the ability to actually make the designs work that fueled my search and decision to pursue the Master of Science course in Architectural Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology In second year as an undergraduate my professor for Reinforced Concrete Design Professor Charles K Kankam as he lectured spoke with such depth of knowledge and appreciation for structures stirring up in me an interest to focus more on structural engineering On this basis I took advantage of two opportunities during my second and third year long vacations to intern with a Civil Engineering and Construction Company Trasacco Estates Development Company TEDC each spanning nine weeks 

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Americans have been debating on what the minimum wage should Be

For years now Americans have been debating on what the minimum wage should be Currently the federal minimum wage is 7 25 an hour Then based on this floor states can set their own minimum wage either equal to or higher than the federal minimum wage As of January 2017 twenty nine states have set their minimum wage higher than the federal minimum Employers then have to conform to the highest minimum wage according to local state and federal law Although this can be considered a good thing for employees employers find it frustrating to have to adjust their wages and shell out more money There have been many strikes in the fast food industry because employees believe they are not paid well enough Most fast food workers are paid somewhere around the minimum wage But employees have recently been protesting for 15 an hour Many disagree with this amount because they believe it would rise prices in the already increasing industry There are varying opinions in the minimum wage debate Some people think the minimum wage is fine as it is They believe raising the minimum wage could cause businesses to lay off their employees and overall cause a higher unemployment rate The Congressional Budget Office projected that a minimum wage increase could result in the loss of 500 000 jobs across the nation Because of this these people also believe that raising the minimum wage could show an increase in poverty 

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