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On March 17 2017 more than 200 Iraqi civilians died

On March 17 2017 more than 200 Iraqi civilians died at the hands of US officials An airstrike had been ordered to target Mosul by the United States Central Command The attack was intended to inflict damage on ISIL equipment and personnel Sitting alongside these ISIL members were Iraqi civilians taking cover in basements of the Mosul neighborhood As the attack was carried out the U S s mission was accomplished but unfortunately Iraqi civilian casualties came with it The United States Central Command should not have ordered the coalition airstrike on Mosul because of the presence of innocent Iraqi civilians Keywords Coalition traumatized PTSD ISIL The people affected first hand are often the most reliable and accurate sources to receive insight from In this case an Iraqi Mosul resident who was lucky enough to survive the coalition airstrike could explain his experience of the tragedy that occurred on that day Assad a 32 year old explains that he saw his father brother two sisters and two cousins die in front of him Chulov 2017 p 1 His mother was his only relative to survive but she was badly hurt from the rubble that hit her from one of the explosions One very distressed Iraqi woman explains conditions thoroughly saying she tried to go outside Everything was burning Fire was everywhere Her husband s family were all killed She was wiping her face and was covered in blood Everyone was covered in blood Hall 2017 p 1 

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