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Predictors of turnover intention in the increasingly competitive construction Environment

This study has highlighted the importance of understanding the predictors of turnover intention in the increasingly competitive construction environment Since predicting and preventing costly turnover of talented professionals are key challenges facing firms in the construction sector where the employee turnover rates are fairly high retaining talented human resources is of importance for organizations performance and competitive advantage This study tried to explain why and how the two components of self orientation organizational identification and perceived external prestige differently explain turnover intentions of construction professionals in the Turkish construction industry In particular we had two primary objectives in conducting this research Our first objective was to better understand the predictors of turnover intention The results did not support the existence of distinct and complementary structure of the BID In other words relational and individuation dimensions were found to be correlated as bipolar opposites This finding is inconsistent with the results of other studies that have used the BID scale in Turkey the United States and Canada e g İmamoğlu 1998 2002 İmamoğlu Karakitapoglu Aygün 2004 Kurt 2002a 2002b 

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Black division that saw infantry combat in Europe

Only black division that saw infantry combat in Europe Out of 909 000 black Americans selected for active duty in the army for WWII only this division saw infantry combat in Europe The rest were assigned to segregated construction or supply units or units with unpleasant duties like graves registration It was the government's belief that blacks were not motivated or aggressive enough to fight Enlisted men and junior officers were black higher officers were white Of the 12 846 Buffalo Soldiers who saw action 2 848 were killed captured of wounded Inefficient Training Under the command of Major General Edward M Almond the 92nd began combat training at Fort McClellan Alabama October 1942 and then deployed to Italy the summer of 1944 They trained hard while struggling with high rates of illiteracy military discipline issues and racial white societal norms Racial intolerance of white society during this time prevented the unit from training together as a whole making unit cohesion very difficult After 8 months of this the division moved to Fort Huachuca Arizona to complete its training 

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Build and Nurture Customer Relationships

Build and nurture customer relationships by March 2018 KACES Travel Agency plans to launch a multicultural program feature on our website that will allow Spanish French speaking customers to switch from English by March 2018 KACES Travel Agency plans to put in place an auto responder provide newsletters to customers and create a forum to answer customer queries by March 2018 KACES Travel Agency plans to establish a market presence that assures profitability growth and success by offering monthly specials to customers starting in April 2018 B Medium Term Goals To expand KACES Travel Agency to St James by December 2021 Engage in Social Media advertising starting January 2019 Acquire an office space in Montego Bay Town Centre by December 2019 Contract an advertising consultant for six months to help analyze and capitalize on KACES customer s travelling trends by December 2020 Increase revenue by 5 every quarter through advertising starting March 2020 To increase traffic to KACES Travel Agency website by at least 50 by the end of December 2020 Acquire at least 95 percent positive customer feedback regarding the KACES Travel Agency products and services by December 2022 Design KACES customer service research process to include questionnaires and incentives such as monthly drawings for free products or discounts on future purchases for customers who take the time to respond starting in January 2021 KACES will be recognized for delivering a high quality product that offers low fares on time performance and a courteous and hassle free service to our customers by December 2021 KACES will inspire customer loyalty with our consistent and reliable service by June 2020 KACES will utilize social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to address customer queries and communicate information and offers on a regular basis starting by December 2021 KACES will offer no penalty booking changes every quarter for three days in 2021

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