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Guam Reasons for Introduction

Species common Scientific name Brown tree snake Boiga irregularis Native to The Brown tree snake is native to Solomon Islands Papua New Guinea Indonesia and Australia In the places that this species is native to they are not classified as invasive however this is not the case for the further countries places they were introduced to Introduced to The brown tree snake was introduced into further parts around the world Asia North America Europe and Oceania being home to the various places of the species new introduction In all of the places that the brown tree snake has been introduced to it has become known as an invasive species and the only place outside of their natural place where the population to reproduce is in a country called Guam Reasons for introduction The reason for the introduction of the brown tree snake into Guam is thought to be accidental It is believed that the U S military were the reason for the accidental introduction that led to the brown tree snake being introduced into Guam This would have happened unbeknownst to the U S military as the snakes would have evaded detection by hiding out in various methods of cargo and transported out of native areas such as Papua New Guinea The cargo then would have been transported to Guam via ship or aircraft Consequences of introduction There are a few consequences of this species into Guam One consequence is the impact it has had on Guam s natural wildlife and the other main consequence is that it affects the people that live upon the island

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Year Round Learning Calendar

In recent years more and more American schools have adopted the year round learning calendar in an effort to boost student performance according to a 2014 congressional report more than 3 700 public schools in the United States had transitioned to a year round schedule as of 2011 Ryan Leaders of these school districts claim that the balanced calendar is superior in comparison to the widely used September to June model While summer break may seem like a cultural fixture that is ingrained in American society many claim that such a long break is detrimental to the education of students The year round school model should be adopted in American schools because it creates equality among students of different income levels it boosts overall student performance and its periodic breaks allow students to recharge regularly and return to school with a positive work oriented attitude One way the year round school model would benefit American schools is through leveling the educational playing field for all students regardless of economic status The income level of a student's family has a notable impact on their test scores after returning from summer vacation In a study done by Karl Alexander a sociologist with Johns Hopkins University upper class students in Baltimore saw a thirteen point improvement in their California Achievement Test reading scores from the end of first to the beginning of second grade while the average lower class student s score dropped almost four points Gladwell

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