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Council delivered major energy efficiency Enhancements

Leeds City Council delivered major energy efficiency enhancements to 2 050 buildings and installed gas main connections to a further 570 Moreover it protected 640 vulnerable buildings to boilers repaired replaced or have new heating tools installed and have supplied energy efficiency and fuel switching guidance and small scale developments to a further 1 500 vulnerable buildings Also it continued to work with over 45 community partners to supply winter warmth protect to tens of thousands of vulnerable houses In addition it completed the 1 200 house solar PV project and proceed White Rose Energy an energy provider company for Yorkshire operated in partnership with Robin Hood Energy Setting aims for future are challenging due to changes the policy priority that government has imposed on energy efficiency and shortage of investment The Leeds City Council are continuing the scheme for district heating for 2 200 council houses and start connecting flats to the system in 2018 and target to attract 11 000 customers to White Rose Energy and continue to supply advice and small scale enhancements to vulnerable buildings and trial projects which explore various funding mechanisms for example looking at potential for social prescription piloting smart energy management and new tariff structures to decrease fuel bills working with the University of Leeds on a revolving fund and piloting ECO projects to maximise the energy company funds which can be brought to the city to decrease reliance on European funding and government Energy efficiency priorities and ambitions

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People are prejudice due to social Influences

I believe people are prejudice due to social influences Its important people understand this If you don t already believe prejudice is caused by social influences I think I could change your mind I ll go over what prejudice is how do social influences affect how we see people how we get the way we are how home environment affects a person s prejudice and why certain people are prejudice when others aren t Prejudice is a broad term with an ample amount of definitions Growing up I thought prejudice was just being racist but that isn t true Prejudice can be racism ageism sexism homophobia and the list goes on A preconceived usually unfavorable idea Webster s New World Dictionary pg 464 One example of prejudice is sexism Sexism is the idea that one sex is superior to another This is similar to racism but instead of sex it s a matter of race With ageism it s the same story a person believes a certain age is superior to another Another example of prejudice is homophobia the disliking of homosexuals because of their sexual preference Having prejudice is being human Coping with Discrimination and Prejudice pg 2 With prejudice and all these examples come the effects One effect that hit America as a whole nation is Donald Trump s ban on transgender soldiers

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