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I was a recipe developer working in an office with a Kitchen

The first column of a brave new year I am an eternal optimist a believer in new beginnings we can turn over new leaves and wave goodbye to things that no longer serve us When it comes to food new beginnings can be useful sometimes But before you turn the page don't worry I'm not about to preach the holy virtues of spirulina or detoxing I m not into that About eight years ago I was a recipe developer working in an office with a kitchen in every corner in fact it was more kitchen than office Each day those kitchens were filled with us cooks making dishes from every corner of the world We had to refine the recipes for home cooks each had to be tested and tasted I was the taster too It was a wonderful education in food but by the end of each day I felt jaded with eating overwhelmed by the volume of it all I hated that feeling after all food had always motivated me but there is vulgarity in having too much food all the time It felt a bit like I d had a Christmas dinner every day I decided I needed to start afresh letting what I eat revolve around vegetables fruit pulses and whole grains

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Prevalence of iron deficiency anemia in school going Girls

Prevalence of iron deficiency anemia in school going girls of pubertal age group Introduction Iron deficiency anemia is a formidable health challenge in developing countries and remains persistently high despite national programs to control this deficiency 1 In the phase of later school age and early adolescence nutrient and minerals requirements are high and reserves are being laid for the subsequent rapid growth and development Iron deficiency in this age group has been primarily studied for its adverese effect on hematinic status However anemia may compromise pubertal growth spurt In girls due to initiation of their menstrual period they are more exposed to iron deficiency The consequence of this anemia during puberty has negative effects on fertility of the individual in future and has the risks of delivery of low birth weight preterm birth and abortions It may also reduce physical work capacity and cognitive function This in turn may adversely affect learning and scholastic performance of the school girls entering adolescence with subsequent academic failure 

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