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Modern age advancements in Technology

Modern age advancements in technology have played a major role in enabling business process automation BPA According to Shacklett 2015 automation of business processes can automate work processes to the point where employee involvements are needless BPA helps in saving money and time delights customers who do not have to wait in line in order to be assisted and most importantly prevents human error However it is important to note that not every business process needs to be automated According to Shacklett companies need to define the processes that are suitable to automation and the ones that are best controlled by their employees According to Barker 2016 BPA is aimed at the tasks that involve a sequence of processes that follow a predictable pattern with a sequence of recurrent operations Furthermore the process is normally done by an extension of the existing IT systems application of a business process management system or by the purchase of a specialist BPA tool In multiple organizations and businesses people are involved in performing manual duties such as routing information approving a request and documenting and revising workflows However this can be a struggle when employees have to revise scroll reply and forward multiple emails among other tasks 

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Selfish Poor vs Selfless Poor In the short stories

Selfish Poor vs Selfless Poor In the short stories The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant and The Gift of the Magi by O Henry both Mathilde and Della are different and alike in many ways Mathilde is a very selfish character and does not have a lot of money In despite of this she still desires for a wealthy status However Della is the complete opposite She is selfless and does not have a lot of money She gives up her valuables or prized possessions just to get her husband a Christmas gift Mathilde from The Necklace and Della from The Gift of the Magi have some similarities but also have differences both are poor yet Della is giving and cherishes her money while Mathilde is selfish and does not care about keeping her money Della and Mathilde are similar in a way by both being poor For example the author of The Necklace wrote The poverty of her rooms the shabby walls and the worn furniture the ugly upholstery caused her pain de Maupassant 333 This quote explains that Mathilde was living in poverty She had barely any money she could not afford to get nicer furniture than what she had The reader can infer Mathilde is poor based on how she describes her house

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