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Gregor Samsa and Existential Heroism In 1946 Jean Paul Sartre

Gregor Samsa and Existential Heroism In 1946 Jean Paul Sartre presented a speech labeled Existentialism Is a Humanism intended for the idea of defending the philosophical beliefs of existentialists and how it is improperly observed as mechanistic atheism by society One of the foremost arguments Sartre delivers is that existentialism is humanism because its intent is to remind man that only he himself is accountable for his behavior Although existentialism claims that a God is fictional it asserts that even if a God were existent man would still be allowed to execute his own choices as he is the only character handling his life In an effort to additionally support Sartre s refute about existentialism I will discuss the options that prisoners and the free were offered in Plato s The Allegory of the Cave I will support Sartre s claim that existence precedes essence by disputing that the theme from The Allegory of the Cave opted to let the shadows in the cavern be their only presence of existence I will explain that there is a correlation between the existentialist conception that man is in agony and the anguish that the freedman from Plato's fable encounters 

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