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Provides a cost effective way of testing and evaluating different scenarios

Provides a cost effective way of testing and evaluating different scenarios Allows the user to test scenarios faster than in real life Offers an insight into the characteristics of traffic system operations that are important allowing the user to make a more informed decision Provides outputs animation that the public can understand At the same time simulation has some disadvantages Requires collection of detailed data on field conditions Needs calibration and validation of the model prior to testing scenarios Requires an understanding of how the model works before assessing the outputs The processes of conducting a simulation study are described in the following section The movement of vehicles in a microscopic simulation program is controlled by different logic There might be logics for car following lane changing merging behavior on freeways and urban routes It is necessary to have a basic understanding of the logic being applied in the simulation model before selecting it It is also helpful to know if the user is given control in modifying or changing the logic in the model Ease of use Each simulation model is different in terms of its ease of use Some simulation models provide an easy to use graphic user interface GUI and have a simple process for data input Some models allow the user to use an aerial photograph or map as a background while coding the network which makes geometry coding much easier

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