Essay Examples on Yeshiva Karunas Halev

Center to Appalachia in Kentucky I have wanted to go on a service Trip

Over the spring last year I served as a student leader on a mission trip to Appalachia in Southeastern Kentucky The trip was one of four mission trips sponsored by Family Christian Center to Appalachia in Kentucky I have wanted to go on a service trip for a number of years and was very excited to attend this one Leaving for the trip I was unsure of what to expect we were told that we would work on whatever projects came up while we were there Looking back we could not have planned the incredible experience that unfolded We arrived at the Mount Taber monastery Sunday afternoon and stayed at the guest house Each day ran in a similar way About 7 30 am Sister Kathleen who organized the volunteers gave us the day s assignments We took our lunches to the jobsite and worked until late afternoon Exhausted we cleaned up cooked dinner and reflected on the day We worked at a number of jobsites including the monastery St Vincent Mission a local community group providing a variety of services the David School an alternative for struggling students and a couple s home deep in a hollar We spent the most of our time outside completing yard work pressure washing building a house addition digging a French drain and moving more gravel than I ever expected to in my lifetime The most significant part of the trip stemmed from the conversations we had with both the people we met and amongst ourselves So much of high school is constantly rushed and stressed giving me no time to unwind and appreciate everything around me it was refreshing and reenergizing to spend hours in community with others By staying in the rural area I did not have any phone service or Internet access which was a challenge for me but a breath of fresh air allowed me to fully live in one moment without having to be concerned with other obligations The trip had exceeded my expectations and greatly increased my understanding of the two community service learning outcomes I chose 

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