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Previously conducted behavioural experiments on Animals

Tolman 1948 a field theorist corroborates his theoretical position by discussing previously conducted behavioural experiments on animals Prior to discussing these experiments it is important to note that the cognitive theory only holds under two pivotal assumptions Firstly the nervous system in animals plays an active and discriminatory role in the face of multiple stimuli Secondly cognitive maps range from a narrow strip style to a broader comprehensive style p 192 Bearing that in mind the experiments highlighted by Tolman 1948 are discussed below The stimulus response theory regards reinforcement as an indispensable element in the learning process Latent Learning conceptualized by Blodgett 1929 challenges this claim Tolman 1948 In addition to Blodgett 1929 pioneering the concept he performed the first ever experiment in relation to it His subjects were three groups of rats comprising of one control group and two experimental groups Each group underwent differential treatment but performed trials in the same environment a six unit alley maze 

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