Essay Example on 76 of American households contain at least one technological Appliance








The US Census reports that 76 of American households contain at least one technological appliance a drastic increase from the 8 in 1984 This rapid growth of technology is radically transforming modern history Commensurable with innovations such as the printing press the plow and even the discovery of fire advancements in technology have significantly altered the framework of modern society digitizing the world and formulating a new age in history The first computer referred to as the ENIAC was created during the 1940 s to promote World War II WWII efforts through implementing efficient ways to calculate cannon trajectories This invention did much more than aid the U S in WWII though its development laid the groundwork for movements both prompted and augmented by technology these repercussions ranging from enhanced communication to the furtherance of women's rights The amelioration of technology has immeasurably benefited modern history making the 21st century a marvelous and unparalleled time to be alive

The progression of technologies in the modern era has had a notable influence on the enhancement of women's rights through providing the means by which women have the ability to impact their position and significance in society Biological changes occurred before technical creating a patriarchy through the division of labor between men and women this division being to the advantage of the human race but to the disadvantage of women Linik The biological restraints women possess greatly fostered a patriarchal world a factor all cultures have adhered to from the beginning of civilization The development and advancement of modern technology enable women to jump these societal hurdles producing a more level playing field for women in a man based society The utilization of technology in the modern world has presented women with a pedestal to display their importance in the workforce and their vital roles in an actively changing world As a result of the technology induced Information Age career options for women have emerged which rely solely on brain power and eliminate biological separations between males and females Sydell The emergence of new jobs for women that eradicate biological factors have and will continue to close the division of labor amongst men and women A new product of technology known as social media has provided a platform on which women actively express their opinions and voice their thoughts on pressing societal and cultural issues Linik Science and technologies have been the engines for profound social change making science and technology a driveable force to change male female inequality Sydell The progression of technologies provides fruitful tools through which women have the ability to strengthen their position and dominance in society including newfound career opportunities as well as social media platforms which are utilized to influence 

The application of computer technology to cancer research and development is a quickly growing field with an abundance of potential Machine learning will enable doctors to have access to huge quantities of data which allows treatments to be more effective and personalized Tirrell While humans can only process certain quantities of information at a time computers have fast access to a vast amount of resources as well as logical algorithms in place that eliminate human errors Seeing that human error is reduced by 85 when man and machine are aligned in the near future computers will be able to detect cancer far earlier than humans are capable of which will largely reduce mortality rates and make cancer easier to cure From Coding to Cancer How AI is Changing Medicine Mammogram reading by machines for early detection is also on the horizon Incorporating computer technology into medicine is a cutting edge concept that as Dr Constance Lehman a professor at Harvard stated Will open up a whole revolution in health care Technological advancements in contemporary history have ushered in means by which to bolster both teaching and learning pursuits Technology in education instills in classrooms digital learning resources expands course preferences scholarship experiences and advocates enthusiasm for institutions of learning Seeing as students are already interested and engaged in technology teachers can harness that attention for educational purposes

Department of Education Twenty first century students are fully immersed in the technological world around them and by transferring this engrossing digital culture into the classroom a community of active and eager learners begins to form Scholars aren t the only ones benefiting from technology in places of learning though as teachers are finding these advancements profitable as well Technologies such as virtual lesson plans and vast internet resources provide efficiency and accuracy in both the development and execution of curriculums Wisnioski The versatility of programs provided by technology supports individualized care and learning ensuring the whole class is better prepared for evaluations and growth Technology has also become an integral part of aiding students at risk of dropping out of school More than 70 recent research studies support and provide concrete examples of classrooms environments in which technology has made a positive difference in the learning outcomes of at risk students Stanford edu It educational research studies identifies three important components to successfully using technology with at risk students interactive learning use of technology to explore and create and the right blend of teachers and technology Stanford edu

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