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8 Cleaning Hacks Every Parent Should Know Whether you're dealing with the latest toddler tantrum ferrying your kids to various clubs or running the school gauntlet being a parent and keeping the house tidy can seem impossible Especially when children seem to make mess faster than you can clean it The good news is there are plenty of ways to speed up household chores Try the tips below next time you're in a hurry to clean up you ll be surprised at how much time they can save 1 Get Rid of Hair with a Rubber Glove Stray pet hairs can make any sofa look old and dirty Hair can be difficult to remove though especially if your vacuum cleaner doesn t come with a turbo tool A cheap alternative is to use the static electricity provided by rubber gloves Simply wear the gloves and run your hand over the sofa Hair will stick to your hand with very little effort When your gloves are full submerge them in a bowl of water and the hair will float to the top 2 Remove Juice Stains with White Vinegar Juice is often split at lunchtime and it can be surprisingly difficult to remove from clothes

There's A trick for getting rid of most juice stains though and it relies on the amazing properties of white vinegar Start by rinsing in cold water then soak in a mixture of ½ teaspoon of laundry detergent a tablespoon of white vinegar and a liter of water After soaking for around 15 minutes run the clothing through the washing machine to get rid of whatever is left 3 Protect Your Fridge with Plastic Wraps Fridges can get dirty quickly especially if your children often spill food or drinks when putting them back like mine An easy way to cut down on cleaning is to line each shelf with sticky food wraps Once they get dirty you can replace them without needing to clean 4 Lint Rollers are Great for Dusting Lampshades windowsills and fireplaces are magnets for dust Some vacuums come with dusting brushes but these can be awkward to use if you re in a rush A faster alternative is a lint roller Run a roller over lampshades or other dusty items to remove dust without needing a vacuum

The sticky surface will also remove lumps of fluff and other debris without damaging delicate items On a side note I always keep a fresh supply of lint rollers around the house They can be a lifesaver when you realize your work clothes are covered in dog hair or fluff 5 Clean Finger Marks from Stainless Steel Appliances Stainless steel appliances look great but fingerprints can be almost impossible to prevent A quick way to make stainless steel shine again is to use some rubbing alcohol with a microfiber cloth Make sure you rub with the grain of the surface and pay extra attention to the handles 6 Find Earrings or Other Small Objects with a Vacuum and Tights If you ve lost an earring finding it amongst the daily clutter of a family home can be a nightmare Fortunately there's an easier solution than crawling on your hands and knees Start by cutting a leg off a pair of old tights then fix the fabric over the end of your vacuum cleaner s hose You can use a hair elastic to secure it Switch on the vacuum and direct it under sofas down crevices and anywhere else your earring may have fallen Air can pass through the tights so your vacuum suction won t be affected but earrings or other larger items get caught in the fabric 7 Freshen Dirty Trainers with Baking Soda If your kid s trainers are starting to smell an easy way to neutralize the odor is with baking soda Just sprinkle the baking soda over the shoes including inside then leave it to sit for a few hours The baking soda should absorb the worst odors and is easy to brush off

8 Save Time by Maintaining Your Vacuum Cleaner Abraham Lincoln once said if I had eight hours to chop down a tree I would spend six of those hours sharpening my axe A similar ethos can be applied to vacuum cleaners as a clogged vac will struggle to remove dust dirt and hair So if cleaning your floors seems to be taking longer than usual some vacuum maintenance could do the trick Start by cleaning your vacuum s filters When these become clogged air flow is reduced and the vacuum becomes less effective If the filter you re using can be washed in water make sure it's completely dry before you use it again The filters of small vacuums or handheld models such as those found here often need to be cleaned more regularly as they clog faster Next check your vacuum s beater bar for hair or string When hair is wound around the bar it may not spin as quickly It's also a good idea to empty your vacuum s canister each time you use it as a full dustbin can reduce suction power Summary Being a parent and taking care of housework isn't easy but it doesn t need to be stressful either By adding these cleaning hacks to your arsenal you ll be able to keep your house cleaner in less time even if your children excel at making mess

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