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A Block World Religions Dialogue Akbar the Great Today I would like to welcome the representatives of Christianity Judaism Hinduism Buddhism and Islam to my court Can you all introduce yourselves and summarize your religion Judaism I am here representing Judaism Judaism is the oldest of the three monotheistic religions here We believe that God is the creator of the universe follow the teachings of the Torah and obey the Ten Commandments Akbar the Great Can you explain what the Ten Commandments are Judaism The Ten Commandments are the instructions given to us by God which include things like honor your mother and father do not steal and do not kill Akbar the Great Thank you for clarifying Islam I am here representing Islam Like Judaism and Christianity we believe that God is the creator of the universe It is our belief that Muslims Jews and Christians all worship the same God We follow the teachings of the Qur an and obey the Five Pillars of Faith Akbar the Great Can you explain what the Five Pillars of Faith are Islam The Five Pillars of Faith are Shahada belief in God Salat daily prayer Zakat almsgiving Sawm fasting especially during Ramadan and Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca the birthplace of our prophet Muhammad Akbar the Great Thank you now let s go to our last monotheistic religion here Christianity Christianity Hello I am here representing Christianity Us Christians believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ the human form of God and our sacred text is known as the Bible We follow the Ten Commandments and by following the seven sacraments we will achieve salvation Islam Wait doesn t Judaism follow the

Ten Commandments Christianity Both religions actually follow them Christianity actually began as a part of Judaism Today the Ten Commandments we follow are very similar but have small differences based on our individual beliefs Akbar the Great Great now let s move on to our polytheistic religions here Hinduism and Buddhism Hinduism Hello I am here representing Hinduism which originated in South Asia Our religion has over 330 million god and goddesses but most Hindus have a personal god that they regularly pray to Our sacred texts are the four Vedas and a major Hindu belief is that the soul is eternal meaning we believe in reincarnation The goal of each soul is to achieve Dharma Artha Kama and Moksha to be respectful to be successful to find pleasure and to gain spiritual enlightenment Buddhism Hello I am here representing Buddhism Like Hinduism Buddhism originated in India and the religions are often thought to be very similar But there are many major differences Unlike Hinduism which has no true founder Buddhism was founded by Prince Siddhartha Gautama who was known as the Buddha Buddhists also believe in the Four Noble Truths which discuss what true suffering is Nirvana meaning to free yourself of suffering is the goal of every Buddhist Also Buddhists do not worship a god as our main goal is Nirvana Akbar the Great Thank you both for those explanations Can you explain some of the similarities between these two religions other than origins in South Asia Hinduism Well We also are both known for meditation Buddhism That's true We also both both believe in the cycle of reincarnation and that your actions in a past life will affect your present life Hinduism Which is known as Kama Akbar the Great Thank you both again

Now I would like to have all five religions participate in a discussion Hmm we need a topic How about we compare different holidays and celebrations Christianity That sounds great Ok the two major holidays celebrated in Christianity are Christmas and Easter Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and Easter celebrates his resurrection Buddhism We celebrate a holiday similar to Christmas called Buddha s Birthday which celebrates the birthday of our founder Prince Siddhartha Gautama Hinduism One major Hindu holiday is Diwali known as the festival of light Diwali honors Rama the seventh avatar of Vishnu who defeated the demon king Ravana Judaism Wait what is an avatar Hinduism An avatar is a reincarnation of a god In this case Rama was the seventh reincarnation of Vishnu who was the protector of the universe Judaism Thanks for clarifying One of the most well known Jewish holidays is Hanukkah Hanukkah remembers when our Jewish ancestors stood up against the Greeks and Syrians in the Maccabean Revolt Islam One of the major holidays Muslims celebrates is known as Eid al Fitr which celebrates the end of Ramadan the month of fasting with a huge feast Another celebration Eid al Adha is known as the sacrifice feast On this day we sacrifice animals like goats or sheep as we remember how Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son at God s command Akbar the Great Thanks to all of you for those explanations We have unfortunately run out of time so I would like to thank the five representatives for coming to speak about their religion today I hope that all these religions will continue to live peacefully together

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