Essay Example on A book on critical thinking begins with a chapter on Memory









A book on critical thinking begins with a chapter on memory because memory and critical thinking are linked together One can t exist without the other In order to think critically people need their memory to delve into their past experiences Without past experiences humans cannot learn new information on what they already know This is a way for them to think smarter not harder Memory is always flawed since people aren't fully conscious the whole time search article on psychology when people aren't aware As a result individuals fill in the missing gaps of their memory based on what they believe is the undeniable truth From this flaw arises a distortion in perception of risk It means human beings perceive that something is dangerous because of the repetition from their surroundings which is etched into their memories Another defect of memory is the availability heuristic The availability heuristic psychology in your life is a shortcut where information comes readily to the mind Since the information is easy to retrieve then people assume that it is correct

 Humans believe that their memory is accurate therefore persuading them that their perceptions are wrong is difficult Critical thinkers learn not to react based solely on their perception of risks availability heuristic and past memories Instead critical thinking allows people to evaluate how they think through their memory to find smarter solutions for their goals Memory is not perfect but there are ways to improve promote learning and remembering Chunking is a strategy that offers positive outcomes in the thinking process without stressing out working memory It helps compact a large amount of information into smaller fragments that is easily remembered The reason for this is by giving meaning to the information from our memory knowledge people already know Mnemonic devices are internal and external techniques that allow individuals to remember information easily with information that is already known in their memory Whether using acronyms or images these strategies offer an organizational structure that simplifies the information instead of taking it in all at once Using retrieval cues increases the acquisition of knowledge This device aids people because the cue such as music drags information from their memory that they don't realize is even in their memory Not many people think that not paying attention for a few seconds will affect their memory but it is a major factor for learning The cocktail party effect demonstrates that paying attention is significant 

For example a person in group one starts focusing on group two s conversation When that person realizes that a member from their own group wants their opinion about a topic then they won’t know what to say because they were distracted The more people pay attention the more likely information will stick in their memory Metamemory is a person knowing how their own memory process functions Metamemory helps because a person who knows how to learn decides when they need to keep studying or not These types of people understand how to further their learning by connecting past information with the new to their level of expertise Cognitive interview is founded on the principles of how the memory structures information by using cues for a person to remember occurrences Remembering amplifies the precision and entirety of memory This method is used in crimes by taking a step by step approach from the beginning to the end of the actual crime This helps victims or eyewitness with the investigation by filling in certain details that were previously missed

The illusion of truth is an incidence where frequent information circulates enough times that people start to believe is the truth The chances that individuals believe in a lie lessens if they were not reminded of it in the first place At first some might know that it is a lie yet the thought vanishes to become reality after numerous encounters with the lie Gossip is a perfect example of this phrase Critical thinkers evade this problem with cautious analysis and attentiveness Procrastinating to study for an exam until two or one day before will never work because then students are overloading on information In order to excel takes time and effort Beforehand students have to evaluate the difficulty of the subject by regarding what they know and their capabilities of learning what they do not While studying they will examine how well they are comprehending the information with retrieval cues A couple days before the exam students should examine if they know enough material The studying process is time consuming which is why it is best to start early An internal study aid to learn in courses is rhymes Starting off with one class is essential to ease into the habit of using rhymes Eventually the habit becomes an automatic action For math 110 instead of repeating formulas so they stick in people's memory they can create silly rhymes In psychology 105 rhymes will alleviate the burden of remembering the types of memory Another course is theatre arts 260 which helps recollect the types of genres that match the names of plays The use of rhymes is endless when it comes to understanding material for different subjects

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