Essay Example on A Case Study of Women in Pakistani Banks








Our text to analyze is the excerpt from the interview of a business PhD research project titled Work Family Conflict A Case Study of Women in Pakistani Banks The main purpose of this research was to examine the work family situation of women working in male dominated industry in Pakistan We shall consider some main principles of it in order to carry out the comprehensive and correct analysis Lyons and Coyle consider we should be interested in learning something about the narrative we study and in turn about the light those narratives throw upon psychological and social realities in order to carry out the analysis 2008 p 131 144 Sometimes the meaning is not evident There are a lot of ambiguities and omissions which are to be clarified as well Ezzy proposes a quite simple method in order to examine any text 2002 p 138 163 He insists on the algorithm composed of the following steps compiling the stories analyzing the content the discourse and the context of each story focusing on insights and understandings comparing and contrasting stories for similarities and differences in content style and interpretation considering the effects of background variables i e gender age identifying stories or content that illustrate your themes insights and understandings Connelly and Clandinin consider that narrative research is a tool by which we methodically collect analyze and represent people s tales as told by them 1990 p

2 Narrative research seizes experience and feelings over time and takes into consideration the dependence of personal experience and cultural environment Narrative investigators collect data about personal events and build up a narrative about people s impressions and importance they attach to those impressions Cortazzi indicates that there is an interdependence of participants of face to face interaction 2014 p 42 As our excerpt for analysis is a part of the interview it is possible to notice some signs of it Cortazzi considers that if someone tells about himself he is a storyteller and an actor at the same time 2014 p 42 Flick considers that storytellers are relevant in two ways from the qualitative analysis point of view 2014 p 41 Firstly it is impossible not to influence on the storyteller by the interview Eventually there are always some signs of his response to the dialog It is important to distinct the essence of the narration and the impact on the teller Secondly you need to collect data about the teller in order to get correct information It is particularly relevant in cases when you deal with a passage from one interview or with one interview of a series Flick insists that it would be better to take several similar interviews instead of one in order to obtain clear unequivocal conclusions by comparison of them The whole excerpt contains 1225 words The narrator is a Pakistan woman Amna who lives in a joint family It is well known fact that in Pakistan the society is patriarchal and women are limited in the actions On the other hand families are very strong and have a strict discipline The main theme obvious in a course of the interview is the Amna s position relative to her family Throughout her life span she had to be beholden to someone and to be under someone's control After marriage Amna was exposed to nagging from her husband s family One of sub themes in this interview is how Amna managed to build up her married life according traditions of her country She often mentioned that she had to think about every member of the family before doing anything If she is going to spend a significant sum of money she has to call a family meeting in order to take a final decision Her narration is strongly connected with her culture If someone unfamiliar with the culture of the Orient read this interview he would not understand the meaning of her telling Amna depicts her life including her decision to work as a great destination

She spends a great share of a day in office and does not complain about her backache to the husband There is the subtext in her narration Despite all problems Amna is satisfied with her life At the end of the interview she mentioned that the state of affairs suits her As a usual woman of the Orient she is under her husband s and family s control At the same time she was obstinate enough to go through all nagging and even to go to work Amna managed to acquire a bit of independence and to reinforce her position as a wife She mentions that her husband can take her money in any moment Amna is not just a housewife she can help her family financially due to her job I noticed that in a course of the interview Amna often underlines that her every action was approved by her husband I suppose she wanted to draw an attention to the fact that she is an orderly wife and gives the first priority to the family values The total interview leads the reader to the conclusion that women of the Orient are constrained and every step towards their independence is very difficult The story of Amna proves that it is possible to combine household duties and job without violation of any traditions

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