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A lot of major elements took place during the nineteenth century the British burned the White House the War of 1812 and even the Civil War took place later on in the century However at the very beginning of the nineteenth century a series of major conflicts were construed across many nations due to backlash from the French Revolution These conflicts were known as the Napoleonic wars The man behind most of the bloodshed was Napoleon Bonaparte a strategic and ruthless war general and emperor who led his French armies into battle against unthinkable odds and came out victorious There were an array of nations some major ones being Great Britain Russia and Sweden would come together to form Coalitions Five major Coalitions were formed from 1805 1815 to face off against Napoleon and his army The War of the Third Coalition began in 1805 The Coalition consisted of the United Kingdom Russia Austria and Sweden Napoleon was considering a full on invasion of Great Britain To achieve this Napoleon had to take over the British fleet which was pretty close to impossible given the fact that the British fleet was the strongest naval power at the time with immense naval superiority Instead Napoleon planned to distract the fleet and gathered 180 000 troops and settled them in Boulogne In the end this plan failed and instead he took his troops to Ulm where he surrounded the Austrians and crushed them

This made Austria drop from the Coalition altogether Soon after Napoleon led his troops to one of his greatest achievements as a General by winning the Battle of Austerlitz The War of the Fourth Coalition 1806 1807 fired up just months after the last one This Coalition consisted of Britain Prussia Russia Saxony and Sweden Prussia started of declaring their independence in the war which consequently led to a swift attack by the French In less than nineteen days Napoleon's army was able to wipe the Prussian army clean due to its isolation from all the other powers With the French army on a hot streak Napoleon did not want to stop anytime soon He quickly moved into Russian territory taking out the Russians by pushing them far North Finally the Russians had no other choice but the surrender after their loss at Friedland The Fifth Coalition was constructed in 1809 and contained the two powers of Great Britain and Austria Britain was entering the Peninsular war and this led to the ocean being utilized a lot more by the British This was bad news for the French because Great Britain was beginning to take out French allies and colonies with its naval offenses On land the Fifth Coalition attacked the French with swift jabs at their artillery and blockades Napoleon had to act fast and soon realized the large trade between Russia and Spain He tried to take over both but only succeeded in Spain As the French involvement in the Peninsular War dragged on it soon became evident that it was a fatal error on Napoleon s part to stay involved With heavy losses in men and resources this became a crucial turning point in Napoleon's reign

As the War of the Sixth Coalition closed in Napoleon faced another heavy loss during his invasion of Russia in 1812 This left his army weak and all Napoleon could do now was wait and prepare for the Russians in Paris When the news of Napoleon s heavy losses spread Prussia Sweden and Austria joined back with Britain and Russia to for the Sixth Coalition Napoleon gathered a new army of 400 000 which lead to huge amounts of warfare with the Coalition in Germany As Napoleon lost grip of Germany the Coalition moved into France to start the Six Day Campaign Napoleon fought hard within his borders and won multiple confrontations with the Coalition Even Napoleon s best efforts to fend for the Coalition wasn t enough and as a result he was thrown from power and exiled on the island of Elba The War of the Seventh Coalition occurred due to Napoleon's escape from exile this led to what was known as the Hundred Days Napoleon compiled another army in hopes to attack the Coalition before it had time to form together With all the powers coming together and Napoleon s limited time it was clear that the end for Napoleon was coming soon Napoleon's last attempt ended at Waterloo and after being captured he was exiled once more to a South Atlantic island where he passed away in May of 1821 To conclude it can be reasonably stated that Napoleonic Wars were a series of conflicts that would change the future of the nations that took part forever It can also be inferred that Napoleon was one of the most successful and powerful war generals of his time up until his fall from power His quick fighting style and strategic planning led him to an array of victories against the Coalitions that would reshape the world during the nineteenth century

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