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A mother may be effected physically and mentally which can lead to strains on other aspects of life such as her relationships her occupation and family life Generally it takes a lot longer than 1 2 months to be fully restored emotionally from the loss of a pregnancy especially if the mother knew that she was pregnant WebMD 2018 A study was conducted in an EPAU Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit in a London teaching hospital on those who had experienced Early Pregnancy Loss EPL compared to controls who had ongoing pregnancies The study measured Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD anxiety and depression This was measured using the Post traumatic Diagnostic Scale PDS also the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale HADS The surveys were answered by the participating groups at 1 month after EPL and then again at three months or one month after a diagnosis of a viable pregnancy At one month 28 of the EPL group met the diagnostic criteria for PTSD whereas the women in the control group had no women that met the criteria of PTSD only 10 of the sample of the control group had anxiety and depression In the EPL group it was concluded that 16 had depression and 32 had anxiety At 3 months the EPL group s surveys concluded that 38 had PTSD 20 had anxiety and 5 had depression This helps to support the fact that loss of pregnancy can have major effects on the mental wellbeing of women who suffer from pregnancy loss This conclusion has been drawn from these results as there is a significant difference between the two groups Farren et al 2016 In addition a 1 year longitudinal observational study was conducted at a university affiliated teaching hospital to look at the psychological outcomes after a miscarriage

The psychological outcomes were measured using the General Health Questionnaire GHQ 12 and Beck Depression Inventory BDI They were used immediately 3 months 6 months and 12 months after a miscarriage The study was conducted on 280 women who miscarried and compared to a control group of 150 pregnant women It was concluded that there was a statistically significant result of patients who suffered from psychological effects after a short period of time after their miscarriage Over time the psychological effects became similar to the controls If a patient were more significantly affected after the miscarriage then this pattern continued throughout the one year course Loki et al 2010 The results of this study draws awareness to the psychological effects that can be experienced by the mother after experiencing a miscarriage Furthermore it also helps to show the period that a mother may take to emotionally recover from a traumatic life event such as a miscarriage Depression can lead to various different areas of an individual s life being affected Depression can affect an individual s sleeping patterns leading to them sleeping excessively or struggling to sleep insomnia NHS 2016 This can lead to the individual feeling drained of energy 

Furthermore individuals that suffer with depression often report feeling unmotivated or having a loss of interest in usual activities or hobbies NHS 2016 This can lead to the domino effect where the individual s exhaustion from corrupted sleeping patterns and unmotivated attitude could affect various different areas of their life such as their occupation Depression may lead to a dip in the individual s productivity as they have reduced motivation and energy levels Tracy 2016 If the individual works on commission basis then this may lead to a lower income or potentially cause the individual to lose their job Lower income may put strain on intimate relationships If the individual is living with their partner and both contributing to the bills then a massive change in life situation such as losing a job could lead to strain being put on to the relationship Research has shown that men and women deal with grief differently leading to a potential decline in a relationship Kersting A Wagner B 2012 Anxiety can cause impacts such as a change in eating behaviour fear to leave the house change in personality substance abuse and trouble within the workplace Pietrangelo 2014 

Overall this essay has discussed the various different effects that a mother can suffer from in terms of her health and wellbeing after the experience of pregnancy loss It can allow for an in depth insight in to how the entirety of the mother s life could be effected such as the second hand effects of the miscarriage that may be missed when overlooking this issue The severity of the effects of a miscarriage should be taken seriously Support should be readily available from different professions to reduce the trauma from this life event Midwives should make sure that they uphold a sensitive and empathetic approach when consulting women who have suffered a miscarriage To further understanding within this field research should be carried out in to the effectiveness of different treatments for mothers this will allow for a more developed understanding and better support system

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