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Topic Paper 2 A newspaper tycoon Charles Foster Kane one of the wealthiest influential men in America if not the world dies of an old age in his extravagant mansion As a child he was brought up in a humble settlement in Colorado where he was born and raise till 8 years old by Kane s parents The parents of Kane suddenly struck gold when given a mine settled to their name An agreement paid off yearly with some fortune and the guardianship of Charles decided by his mother thought it was best for a banker of New York City named Walter Thatcher to raise the boy in luxury until he becomes an adult Kane grows up resenting Thatcher so he spends most of his adult life rebellious against everything Thatcher values and interest 1 Charles Foster Kane is now an adult nearing at the age of Twenty Five years old who will own six private fortunes to his name Thatcher advises Kane the business interest of oil well shipping and real estate sends him a message 1 Kane replies declining his interest offer but instead took control of Thatcher owned newspaper called New York Daily Inquirer and he said to Thatcher it would be fun to run a newspaper 1 Charles a full fledge owner of Inquirer with the help of Bernstein his manager and his best friend Jed Leland his first act came to publish a declaration of principles stating his obligation to be truthful to the working people and it s readers 

2 Nevertheless Kane almost begins to use yellow journalism tactics in articles about Thatcher s business interest in addition he uncovers a plot out of proportion encouraging a war with Spain Afterwards Charles travels to Europe and other parts of the countries 1 Kane eventually marries a beautiful lady named Emily Monroe who s the niece of the President of the United States As Kane ages overtime his marriage sours because of his increase in popularity also his wealth feeding his megalomaniac ego 1 Now Kane is interested in politics he runs for Governor of New York against corrupt boss James Jim W Gettys 2 A guaranteed election victory is nearly certain until James blackmails Charles revealing evidence of his affair with a young singer named Susan The prideful Kane he is has refused to drop out of the race in spite of James s leverage 3 The scandal gets publish to the public and Kane loses the election decisively Emily divorces Kane then two years later she dies in a car crash with their son 3 Afterwards Kane marries Susan 3 Moving on from politics to music Kane buys an opera theater for his wife Susan where she is forced into a humiliating career as an opera singer Then Susan s first live performance ended horrifically 2 A critical negative honest review type up by Leland came unfinished when Kane finds out he takes it upon himself to prove to Leland he still has integrity to finish Leland s work and publishes it in the Inquiry then he fires Leland As Susan kept on singing for Kane eventually from exhaustion she gets sick nothing to serious she soon recovers back to good health 

3 Charles recognize what he has done to his beloved so they moved to a location somewhere in Florida and calls it Xanadu a place for his extravagant mansion is build and his expensive art collectibles moved to Susan is furious with Charles only caring for his selfish ego additionally not understanding her needs She got tired of him ending their relationship 4 On that day when Susan had left him Charles goes mad for a moment breaking everything around him in the room where Susan had stayed at while doing so he rips and breaks almost everything apart except one thing he saw a snow globe that reminded of her then he calms down picks it up putting it in his pocket gently saying the word Rosebud 5 This implied significantly moreover why he did not break the snow globe at that time because he recalls first time he met Susan at her home and shared some fond memories of her and she was the only one who truly liked him for who he was not just cause he has wealth and power 4 In the end he died of an old age at his mansion then you see him barely holding on to the snow globe as he slowly lets go of it dropping it to the floor as it shatters while taking his last breath in he whispers his final word to say Rosebud 5 As the movie is about to end the viewer's point of view of the camera shot shows a final scene of an image of Rosebud is the trade name of the sled he also had as a child then at the present scene of the film you can see the sled near the furnace with the rest of his junk about to be incinerated It represents the childhood memory he once had with the love and innocence stolen from Kane when he was taken from his parents

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