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A Nuclear Bomb is a weapon of mass destruction that can lead to many disadvantages but at the same time many advantages If you were to be a person that hosts a Nuclear Bomb and you possibly decide to release it other countries will come against you and fire back so basically all the countries that have these weapons know that if they fire others will fire too and that can be useful Some even believe that the Second World War ended earlier than it should've when they used a Nuclear Bomb against Japan It is impossible to win a nuclear war and both sides realized that maybe for the first time Fyodor Burlatsky USSR A Gamma Ray is an electromagnetic wave with a high frequency and a low wavelength which explains why it emits a high amount of energy because the lower the wavelength the faster the wave moves which means the more energy it produces 

The reason why Gamma Rays are used for nuclear bombs is that a weapon of mass destruction has to have a huge amount of energy so it can be best for its use Take the gamma rays out of the nuclear bomb and instead put a microwave the Nuclear bomb would work as if it were just a few explosives mashed together with low energy and low explosion radius which would make it useless for what it is made for How does it work There are 2 main types of exploding a Nuclear Bomb fission and fusion Fission is when you release a neutron or a proton into Uranium 235 or Plutonium 239 making it release a huge chain reaction making the bomb detonate as it continues to shoot out different atoms everywhere The Gun type Nuclear Bomb seems to be more efficient than the Fusion Nuclear Bomb You can see an example of a fission reaction as shown in the demonstration down below Economic Negatives Nuclear bombs are really expensive to produce since they cost at least 50M which might cost a country to rely on itself for a while for example farms oil and etc When the Nuclear Bombs Little Boy and Fat Man were dropped Japan went through a Great Depression for years until they recovered which took a huge amount of their GDP away making the countries economy lower and lower Positives They can provide cheap defense for smaller countries meaning in an event of a surprise attack instead of the country using its military they use the Nuclear Bomb as a defensive tactic Political Negatives The reason why Little Boy and Fat man were dropped was that they had a political conflict which would build up the hatred between the countries until one strikes with something Striking with a nuclear bomb can create an ever bigger conflict between the countries causing a possible Nuclear Warfare Positives Knowing the disadvantages of the weapon it is highly unlikely for a country to shoot up a nuclear bomb because of the consequences the nuclear bomb will have which made countries less active with wars for the past decade 

Knowing that you might create a conflict in a country using the I m going to push the button move might stop a conflict in a country since it serves as a threat for the opposing country to back off Environmental Negatives If a nuclear bomb is dropped it would cause a huge explosion and remove anything in its way which includes any houses for mother nature If we possibly start a Nuclear Warfare it is possible that we might commit omnicide Omnicide The total extinction of Humans as a cause of human acts Storing the Nuclear Bomb can be hard enough since it can be very fragile An example could be down below 24th January 1961 an American bomber B 52 crashed down in North Carolina with the plane holding 2 Nuclear Bombs 200 times stronger than the ones detonated in Hiroshima but it came so close that 3 out of the 4 switches were triggered had that one switch been triggered we would still see devastation and huge aftermath with radiation coming as far up to New York It's hard to think about how they can have a positive impact other than it can be served as a threat since if one breaks down all of them will break down it's hard to decide who will win in a possible future Nuclear War if we re even going to reach that phase at all Nuclear Technology can be useful in a sense for example look at the Nuclear power Plants they provide so much energy and are considered to be green energy other than the fact that the Nuclear Waste has to be disposed somewhere which makes it bad The nuclear developments of Nuclear Bombs for the past decades have been huge we can now send Nuclear Warheads across the Pacific Ocean we created a Nuclear Bomb equivalent to 50 megatons of TNT we have tested more than 50 tests for either the US or the USSR alone and many more changes since Hiroshima and Nagasaki It s hard to decide whether we should keep them or remove them

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