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Friends religion gender and ethnicity are just a few of so many factors that contribute to making people who they are A few of the factors might play a bigger role in helping a person become who they are while some of them will have very little to no effect at all When a person grows up with a family they are impacted by a lot of features in their life A person's family and lifestyle can play an effect on a person's morals and ethics interests personality and other characteristics in their life A person's friends and types of surroundings that they are around can have an effect on what they choose to wear what type of music they listen to the way that they speak to other people and what type of social events they take part in What a person is interested in is what makes them who they really are and makes them different from others From the way I was brought up society hasn't really made a tremendous impact on my life because I am not that big on trends The biggest types of trends I really don't care for are some types of music some types of clothing some people s personality and the way that some people talk I am not too interested in blending in with the crowd It might be due to the fact that I don't really like to follow others and do what I like to do And maybe the way I was grew up plays a big factor in this I like to live life to its fullest What really gives me a really good feeling is when my blood is flowing my heart is thumping and I have my adrenaline at its peak I think that my personality displays these traits quite well I like fast paced music such as dubstep and EDM 

I enjoy shooting guns but I really enjoy the physical stuff I like doing workouts where I am completely exhausted riding my bike to different places and riding motorcycles I would like to think that my morals and ethics are pretty good I haven't really adopted them from anyone They are merely my own My morals are mainly made up of good things I like to be kind to other people because I believe that whatever goes around comes around I actually care about other people I find it enjoyable when I help others I m not much of a liar And I am very mindful of others I believe that I for the most part am a very well collected person I have my life together for the most part and know what I want out of life I believe that I will go very far in life because I don t fear challenges or problems that come my way I think if you were to ask my friends and family they would all say that it is true Or they might say that I'm completely insane and that the only places in life I might go are to the emergency room are 6 feet underground I can't help it though I'm an adrenaline junky that has a taste for these types of things I think culture contributes a big percentage in the shaping in one's identity Culture affects a person's identity because it ultimately affects how the person will live their life Culture determines on how people will interact with each other That can have many categories such as the type of language they use to interact how they speak such as tone how fast they talk to one another and many more Another example would the types of norms 

In American culture a lot of what is deemed appropriate here is not appropriate in other countries And not just America but other countries as well Every country has their own type of way they see normal and not normal Culture also has an effect on how we interact with people from different cultures and countries Every single type of culture found in some type of civilization must have different types of systems that allow it to function Those systems are made up of educational leadership and a lot more that contribute to society and make it what it is Then you have different types of resources such as symbolic These are the more physical features that help define a society These include dances the way people dress and their national flag People have different views on the world This is because of how they were raised and brought up in their society At the end of the day we are who we are We like what we like wear what we wear and do what we do because that is who we are That is what makes us as a person We are the way we are because of so many factors But because of these factors it makes unique and human These factors are the building blocks of our personality They determine how we think act dress talk and so much more That's what makes identity

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