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A Race for Equality Freedom That's a strong word that no one should ever take advantage or for granted because at a certain time period the Harlem Renaissance African Americans were hoping and dreaming that one day they would just get equal treatment amongst all people Expressing one s feelings at the time was very much necessary which many blacks jumped on the bandwagon of this was the blossoming of African American culture that finally needed to be seen They eventually established a voice during this time Whites were unnecessarily harsh and cruel they couldn t keep civil contact with African Americans simply because of how they looked It is shocking to think of a human being being talked to and treated a certain way because of physical features you can t control Mckay has raised his voice in many of his poems to raise awareness and show he is not afraid to speak his mind It s great to see Mckay s motivation because unfortunately bad things stick with you most likely throughout your childhood all because of the way you were brought up your kids are raised and grown to see certain thing that shape your mentality so for these large population of whites to put this logic into uprising future generations is horrible and appalling Blacks felt disheartened at the way they were being treated and felt as if they didn t belong Mckay was part of this jurassic change in history that will not be forgotten Claude Mckay s Enslaved and 

If We Must Die reflect the Harlem Renaissance movement because it shows aspects of discrimination prejudice and racism in the African American community and how people coped with it by showcasing their talents in the form of literature even through time periods of violence and sorrow In the primary text Enslaved Mckay states Robbed in the ancient country of its birth My heart grows sick with hate becomes as lead for this my race that has no home on earth Enslaved line 6 7 8 Being an immigrant and migrating to America at this time was difficult McKay is stating that the home of black people his native Jamaica or in the countries across Africa or anywhere they may have migrated to in Europe or North America has been stolen from them and that the door is locked eternally So now that they come to America they want to feel as if there at home and not have a heart full of hostility Secondly the source of my primary text proves my thesis from If we Must Die by Mckay declaring If we must die let it not be like hogs hunted and penned in an inglorious spot While round us bark the mad and hungry dogs Making their mock at our accursèd lot If we Must Die line 1 2 3 4 His words show the message the speaker is trying to portray that his allies are being hunted by hungry dogs mocking them also known as the racist whites He is urging his allies not to become weak but stay strong and fight back although discouraged in this dilemma He uses lots of figurative language like personification to contrast the whites to hungry unpleasant crazy dogs Meaning while retaliating back may lead to death it is important to realize and important to the speaker that they don t just stand there waiting to be hunted and killed but to take action stand up for what you believe fight back Mckay continues deeply on the matter of blood sweat and tears needed to fight this constant battle He portrays deep powerful emotions to anyone that reads it conveying a touching impact on the individual 

These poems utilize imagery and really affect people that have undergone oppression Stereotypes were the backbone of what triggered this anger for the African Americans They needed some sort of vengeance on the whites in there s eyes after how they treated blacks all these years and what they had to endure nonstop Claude Mckay states To the avenging angel consume The white man's world of wonders utterly Let it be swallowed up in earth's vast womb or upward roll as sacrificial smoke To liberate my people from its yoke Enslaved lines 10 11 12 13 14 These bold lines have one big message Its telling the reader Mckay wants revenge on the whites for what they did to these people leaving emotional scars Getting labeled names on these poor men and woman crushing and tearing them apart Some people just don't know how to cope with it leading to more violence amongst the communities or you can choose to deal with it in a respectable manner like Mckay All African Americans wanted was equality once and for all Claude Mckays pieces of work show a great deal of emotion perceived by the reader so they can attach themselves and experience the author's feelings heart to heart Another line that reflects the Harlem Renaissance in If We Must Die Though outnumbered let us show us brave and for their thousand blows deal one deathblow If We Must Die lines 10 11 Their side the blacks are the underdogs in this situation have fewer people than the enemy whites do but that's not going to stop the blacks from acting like a hero and fighting instead of collapsing These two poems after analyzing them you can tell that they both convey the same message in some aspects There both saying no matter whats comes your way hate negativity or violence fight back no mercy Although some may die on the way it's for the better of saving our country in the end although unfortunately this shouldn't have to be the case in the first place Lots of Africans Americans have pride and they want to show they are not cowardice They will gladly retaliate although a strenuous process

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