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There are many cultural religious and political condition examples in A Rose For Emily For example racism abounded in this short story and it appeared to be acceptable Emily the main character has a slave Tobe and the word negro is used many times The suggestion of homosexuality was present and seemed to be acceptable with Homer Emily s lover who spends time with many men in town Finally it is apparent that women had less power in society than men In her mind the only way for Emily to achieve power over the source of her affection is to kill Homer The Protestant religion seemed to be the prevalent religion in this society Judeo Christian mores were common Although there was nothing overtly political in this story it appears to have taken place in a time when the country had definitive political views Those views being either conservative or progressive For example Homer is a Yankee from the North who comes to the South with industrialized machinery and begins changing the South little by little by paving the sidewalks with the new machinery Many of the Southerners do not like Homer and his progressive Northern views The people of the town of Jefferson as well as Emily seem to be stuck in their traditional way of life and are struggling to keep these traditions in a radically changing world Emily specifically is timeless as she refuses to have metallic numbers hung on the outside of her house when the town receives the modern mail service Her timelessness is again shown when the men enter her bridal chamber which is an attempt to stop time and prevent change even at the cost of death

This story is broken down into five sections In the first section the narrator is recalling Emily s death in a flashback sense Here he explains that the whole town came to her funeral though no one had come to her house in many years He also suggests that her house is a large colonial home and that Colonel Sartoris the town s previous mayor had said Emily did not need to pay taxes due to her father s large contribution years before However now that the town has a new mayor Emily s payment of taxes will be reinforced When men come to Emily s home to tell her the news she tells them to talk to Colonel Sartoris who has been dead for almost ten years Here the reader gets a glimpse that Emily may be crazy Sections two through five go through a sequential timeline in Emily s life beginning about thirty years earlier to the time of her death The exposition is the death of Emily s father At this point she refuses to bury her father for some time after his death leading the townspeople to notice a pungent odor Here Emily faces a complication She would like to keep her father s body but the town insists it gets buried so there is no longer an odor Some time after her father s death a Yankee comes to town and catches her eye However although they both have a mutual interest in one anther Emily faces another complication because the man will not commit to her In fact this lack of commitment from Homer causes a scandal in the town which becomes increasingly worse as he spends more time with men The town has pity on Emily as they feel she is forgetting her family pride and is settling for a man that is less than she Because of this scandal in section three Emily buys arsenic poison Despite the clerk s persistence she does not tell him what she intends to use the arsenic for The realization of Emily buying the arsenic to kill Homer is the climax of the story In section four the reader begins to see the falling action Some people in the town fear Emily is going to kill herself as her potential marriage to Homer seems so distant that it will likely never happen Upon a request from some women in the town the minister meets with Emily an event he never talks about so his wife writes to Emily s relatives in Alabama who come to her It seems as though Emily is preparing for a wedding to Homer After her relatives from Alabama leave Homer is never seen again Emily begins to gain weight get gray hair and is not seen in town

Finally the resolution of the story happens in section five with Emily s death When people come to her home for her funeral they break down the door to the sealed upstairs room that has not been open in more than thirty years and find a dead Homer laying in a room that has been frozen in time The townspeople then notice an indent on the pillow next to Homer and a long gray strand of Emily s hair on the pillow

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