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Manpreet Kaur 25 proposed a system for Named Entity Recognitions It was absolutely a sub task of knowledge Extraction In this methodology NER includes 2 tasks 1 identification of named entities and 2 classification of Entities into named entity categories like person objects organization location etc This method was designed to spot the named entities to recognized entities are going to be reborn into HamNoSys that they were again change or we can say reborn into SiGML This code then inputted to Avatar module to supply artificial animations Sukhdeep Kaur 26 developed a system that converted inputted text into Indian signing by victimization artificial animations or we can say synthetic animations The system accepted the English word as associate degree input text and generate the HamNoSys notation for the inputted text When the SiGML conversion was done from the HamNoSys notations the SiGML code was accustomed produce the artificial animations of the inputted text The created animation might be checked by the video HamNoSys was reborn into XML conjointly called SiGML A virtual human was created employing a tool JA SiGML computer address APP takes input as SiGML which is also called as eSIGN Editor We can add or remove words from this editor It generates signs similar to every input word CHAPTER 3 PROPOSED METHODOLOGY In this thesis we propose a system that will convert inputted word into Indian Sign Language using Synthetic animated video We will use HamNoSys to create signs for corresponding words and then convert those symbols to animated videos using eSIGN Editor In this proposed system we will work with English language to India Sign Language conversion 

The system will accept English word as input and generate the HamNoSys code for the inputted word After this HamNoSys conversion will be done SiGML code will be generated Once this conversion will be done we will use this code to generate Synthetic animations and after this we will use these animations to generate animated videos The SiGML code will be used to create Synthetic animation for the inputted word Below is the flow chart of proposed system Flow Chart The proposed system will work for English Language and produce Synthetic animated videos of Indian Signs Language When the user will enter the input to the system the system will store the input in the memory and will generate the HamNoSys code for the inputted word Once it will be generated the system will convert this code SiGML file with sigml extension The System will display the SiGML file for the corresponding HamNoSys We will use JA SiGML player to view the SiGML file CHAPTER 4 WORK TO BE DONE IN NEXT SEMESTER In the next semester we will be working on the proposed system We have studied a number for thesis and research papers on India Sign Language and other Sign Languages The idea of proposed system has been taken from the existing system developed by Sukhdeep kaur 

She developed a system that converted inputted word into Indian sign language by using synthetic animations The system takes the English word as an input text and generate the HamNoSys notation for the inputted text After the HamNoSys the SiGML conversion is done the SiGML code is used to create the synthetic animations of the inputted text The animation thus created can be checked by the video HamNoSys is converted into XML also known as SiGML A virtual human is created using a tool JA SiGML URL APP takes input as SiGML It generates signs corresponding to each given word She has also shared its limitations She shared that it can be only used for English word It can be used only for basic hand shapes While discussing about its future scope she mentioned that it can be extended to all possible handshapes While studying on this thesis we have observed that to generate synthetic animation for a single word takes time so we have decided to work on the following aspects 1 To study Indian Sign Language and HamNoSys 2 To understand the working of SiGML and eSIGNEditor 3 To develop a system that automatically convert English word into Indian Sign Language animated videos 4 

To survey various algorithms for sign language 5 To implement existing technique for sign language and SiGML conversion 6 To propose a technique for Sign language by improving efficiency of SiGML conversion for input word 7 To compare and validate the results CHAPTER 5 REFERENCES 1 Sarbjeet kaur and V K Banga Review paper of Character recognition using image processing International Journal of Computer Science Engineering Technology ISSN 2229 3345 Vol 5 no 1 2014 pp 46 49 2 Neelam K Gilorkar and Manisha M Ingle A Review on Feature Extraction for Indian and American Sign Language International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies ISSN 0975 9646 Vol 5 Issue 1 2014 pp 314 318 3 Kiratey Patil Gayatri Pendharkar G N Gaikwad American Sign Language Detection International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications ISSN 2250 3153 Vol 4 Issue 11 November 2014 pp 1 6 4 Joyeeta Singha and Karen Das Indian Sign Language Recognition Using Eigen Value Weighted Euclidean Distance Based Classification Technique International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications Vol 4 No 2 2013 pp 188 195 5 Kaushik Deb Helena Parvin Mony Sujan Chowdhury Two Handed Sign Language Recognition for Bangla Character Using Normalized Cross Correlation Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology vol 12 issue 3 2012 pp 1 6

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