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A the zodiac motif to develop a key thematic interpretation of your chapter in Their open mind and philosophical view motivates them to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life direct reference philosophy Ork zealous about his religion personality wise Grendel s curiosity he becomes tolerance to ppl Half horse half people Sagittarius is always described as having open mind intense curiosity and distinct philosophical view SAGITTARIUS ZODIAC SIGN These characteristics always guide them in their adventure of searching the answers of their questions mainly the meaning of life In Chapter 9 of Grendel the author John Gardner directly refer the zodiac sign Sagittarius by illustrating a story about Hrothgar s bowman and endowed the characteristics of Sagittarius to priest Ork and Grendel With the use of zodiac sign Sagittarius as a motif Gardner develops the theme of this chapter seeking the meaning of religion Starting off the chapter by describing in December Hrothgar's kingdom is a deep and dead silence Gardner established the mood of hopelessness Then Gardner depicts the scene of Hrothgar s bowmen hunting a heart which makes a direct reference to the zodiac sign Sagittarius since the symbol of Sagittarius is a longbow In the depiction of the scene Gardner draw the other motif that is important to the understanding of the chapter and the philosophy of religion Scylding forth time Describing how Time play as a motif Grendel hold several characteristics of Sagittarius particularly his appearance and personalities Sagittarius is identified as god Nergal from Babylonia who is centaur like with a animalistic body and a human head SAGITTARIUS HISTORY

Thus Sagittarius is sometimes referred to as the reconciliation of animal and human which just like Grendel who can understand people's language but he is considered as a monster due to his appearance What's more in this chapter Gardner emphasizes the personalities that Grendel and Sagittarius shared curious about the meaning of life The priest Ork can be described as the philosophical and zealous side of Sagittarius In the conversation with the Destroyer pretended by Grendel Ork demonstrates his full faith and enthusiastic in the belief of Scydlings gods though other three priests are laughing at his behaviors The conversation w Grendel The conversation with four priests When Grendel lies to old priest Ork that he is the Destroyer and asks for Ork s opinion about the King of Gods Ork takes it seriously and thinks with one knee on his beard Ork shakes all over but he sees the palsy is something outside him 131 Neglecting all physical feeling Ork is clearly into his religious world despise the cold weather This part indicates that Ork is pious to his believes Conclusion Using the zodiac sign Sagittarius as a motif author Gardner gives characters in the story their unique personalities zealous in finding the answer of life motivating by their curiosity and philosophy Conclude Thesis The zodiac sign Sagittarius assist the development of the focus of the chapter existence of religion 

1 Conclude How is this chapter significant to the rest of the novel How is this chapter significant to you to modern life What questions does the chapter provoke for you about the novel the character a concept human experience Significance of Book how time change give direct clue to the change happening Hrothgar s religion is one of the factors that influence Grendel's thoughts like those from the Shaper and the dragon Development of religion inside of Grendel destroy believe Foreshadow the coming of Beowulf to modern life question provoke existence of religion o character who what is Grendel Destroyer destroyer Grendel is a justice eats the priests who do not believe in their beliefs on human experience superstition irony about religious believes o concept The ultimate evil is that Time is perpetual perishing and being actual involves elimination Gardner 132 There are several questions that this chapter provokes me First who is Grendel In chapter 9 when people of Scyld having a ceremony in the Hrothgar's Hall in which the statues of Scyldings gods are Grendel stands among the god but nobody comes to kill him Gardner 127 Also the songs in the ceremony that the people of Scyld sing are in a language closer to Grendel than to them I am wondering is that indicates that Grendel might be the ancestor or a god of the people of Scyld since people of Scyld cannot differentiate Grendel from the Scylding s gods and Grendel speaks a language that is closer to the language used in ceremonial songs The second question that this chapter provokes me is related to our lives existence of religions Works Cited Gardner John Grendel Gollancz 2015 Sagittarius History Astrology Zodiac Signs http www astrology zodiac signs com history sagittarius Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Horoscope Astrology Zodiac Signs http www astrology zodiac signs com zodiac signs sagittarius

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