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A universal preschool program should be available to all in the United States due to its long lasting impacts on recipients futures Attending preschool provides a person with many experiences such as developing social and emotional skills that continue to benefit them throughout the course of their life Children have an increased chance to develop social emotional and physical skills Preschool is a place where children can go to learn necessities required for both kindergarten and later in life Only thirty five percent of three six year old and 14 percent of five six year old are enrolled in preschool education week research center Even though preschool is accessible to everyone that can afford the cost a low number of the population is enrolled Early education allows the young mind to have the upper hand in social skills for life Interacting with other children and adults in a safe structured and well supervised daycare setting encourages children to develop critical social skills more quickly Smith Such interaction greatly aids in the development of these skills This type of learning environment enables children to become more aware of their surroundings and to realize that all people are not the same Soon they learn to both cooperate and share more readily with those around them resulting in less aggressive behavior social development article

All of this is made possible simply by attending preschool Statistics show a direct correlation between attending preschool and high school graduation college enrollment all culminating in a greater chance of employment in one's future 71 percent that attended preschool had graduated from high school or attained a GED General Education Development certificate Bracey Most of the reason for this happening is because when someone attends preschool they get a better education overall which leads to higher graduation rates maybe want to take this sentence out and use the reasoning for why they graduate college Bracey Likewise if a parent enrolls their child into preschool it usually leads to higher college graduation rates Badger study shows that the biggest predictor of college completion wasn t math or reading skills but whether or not they were able to pay attention and finish tasks at age 4 US news article Furthermore the graduation rates of one from high school or college is based on their attentiveness in preschool as it leads to a higher on attention span at the age of 4 had a 50 percent greater chance of completing their college degree by 25 us news article need a conclusion sentence Children have a better chance of developing motor skills at preschool than any other place because of greater access to games and skill building activities with their peers As they develop better hand eye coordination and fine motor skills they will start drawing and coloring beyond just scribbles and will learn to use pencils paint brushes and glue parenting magazine Because the preschool setting involves drawing painting and cutting the child has a much better chance of developing motor skills at preschool because of this easy access Also through series of games like musical chairs and other group based games the child can acquire better motor skills because they involve bigger muscles to carry out these activities 

Through the classroom setting in preschool the child can acquire better motor skills which can benefit them over time While some may argue universal preschool programs serve no benefit either short or long term more findings actually prove the opposite People may think that social skills can just as easily be developed at home with the connection between the parent and child Social skills are better developed in the preschool setting because of the many cultures of people they can interact with Also one may think that the effects of the preschool program go away after a couple of years Burke They do not because the attentiveness that the child brings forth in the classroom is clearly shown through the rates of graduation in high school and college Finally one may think that motor skills can also just as easily be developed at home They can but they are much better enhanced in the preschool setting because enjoyable group based activities enhance their use of motor skills One may think that there is no benefit of enrolling a child in preschool but extensive studies prove the opposite A universal preschool program should be available to all in the United States due to its long lasting impacts on recipients futures The child can interact with adults and peers to enhance their social skills and interaction Also the child can carry out a series of games and activities with their peers to better their motor skills Finally with the extra education the child can have a higher chance of graduation from high school and or college later in their life Even though some may think that preschool is useless that is disproven through countless studies over the course of many years Universal preschool programs should be available to all social classes in the United States because of the many benefits attained

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