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Exercise 1 Website Specification Proposed domain Goals 10 Marks 1 To be a user friendly website that everyone can use and will be easy to navigate Making sure the key pages is easy for the audience to locate 2 Deliver information about the services provided by NZSV in an organized and well presented way that is easy for the users to find the information 3 Website must contain up to date information about the volunteering services that students can be involved in Information should be interesting accurate and should be well communicated 4 To have a search application that will make it easier for users to search for a volunteering group in their area It should be working well with no errors and work fast and accurate 5 Marks Write a short summary of the goals here To have a user friendly website that delivers information in an organized and well presented way containing up to date information about the volunteering services being offered while having a search application for users to use 1 2 Audience Definition 15 Marks Write your audience definition here Target Audience will be students from high school to University in New Zealand that are age early teenage years to mid 20s that are looking for current opportunities to volunteer in their local community and be able to get support via a group in their area 

The website will be most likely accessed by the audience through smartphones tablets laptop and computers that younger generations mostly owns today and will be most likely using a fast to standard speed broadband 1 3 Competitor Analysis 15 Marks redcross org nz volunteeringnz org nz Site Design 4 6 Navigation 7 7 Search Content 6 8 Write your notes about Competitor 1 here Red Cross website design is simple and a bit boring for me I think that they could improve this by inserting colours or something that can make it look alive The website was easy to navigate and the information are easy to find The information are also well presented however they can still improve on making it interesting and attractive for their audience They also have a search engine that works very well however I think that the information should at least have a bit of an outline with the headings in order for the users to find information they are looking for easily NB Include any relevant screenshots 10 Marks Write your notes about Competitor 2 here VolunteeringNZ has a great design that I think will attract the younger generations However it takes a bit while for photos to load as it is very big I think they can make this a little bit smaller as it is consumer most of the screen if you look that the first screenshot

 The website contains colours and has design that is attractive and I think they uses this design to present the information well by inserting photos and logos related to the information The website was also easy to navigate however their search engine I think has a bit of problem as there is this big photo that takes up the whole screen before being able to see the information that is relevant to what you searched If it wasn t for this I think that their search engine is well designed including logos that makes it interesting NB Include any relevant screenshots 1 4 Site Content Content Inventory 5 Marks Volunteer Newsletter Volunteer Resources Images showing Volunteers Information about NZSV Logos Search Engine Apps Videos Functional Requirements 5 Marks The website shall allow the users to be able to read current information about the current services of NZSV The website shall allow the users to search through the website by using the search engine The navigation menu shall contain different tabs that leads to different part of the website 

The website shall be able to load information and content fast The users shall be able to access the website easily despite using different kind of devices 1 5 Site Structure List 10 Marks Complete the list Section 1 Home Section 2 About Us Section 2 1 Who We Are Section 2 2 Vision Section 2 3 Mission Section 3 Opportunities Section 3 1 Current Opportunities Section 3 2 Join NZSV Section 4 News Events Section 4 1 Our Newsletter Section 4 2 News Articles Section 4 3 Featured Volunteers Section 5 Volunteer Resources Section 5 1 Volunteering Guide Section 5 2 Information Sheets Section 5 2 1 Safety Section 5 2 2 Financial Section 5 2 3 Legal Advice Section 6 Search 1 6 Site Navigation 10 Marks List navigation elements here Navigation Bar Icons for each links Text Titles of each section Drop down menu that shows the subsections Logo of NZSV Search engine bar Final Exercise 5 Marks Individually reflect on the planning process for a website Talk about the difference between static and functional content I realized how important planning is for the website to be a good and successful one while doing this assessment From lining out the goals and as well as the importance and how big the role of the targeted audience is for the website I also understood the difference between the static and functional content while doing this assessment Using a static content is simple and the most efficient if you compare it to functional content Content without having to be processed modified can be delivered to the user while a functional content focuses more on the keeping the customer be more engaged on the website and making sure that the user s experience be smooth and has no problems Through this assessment I understand the importance of thoroughly planning in order for the process of creating the website to be done smoothly

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