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A world Café is strengths based approach to engagement where the aim is to share ideas and experiences by writing the key aspects on a table cloth and moving on to another table to discuss It helps to build on what s strong not what s wrong Notions provided by people become a collective group this is known as harvested conversation The history behind World Café is that it was founded in 1995 by Junanita Brown and David Issaac who were two academics in California They both held a small café where people switched tables for their ideas to be shared when harvested the conversations they noticed a patterns that enabled them to make sense of the discussions that took place The module has showed that choosing the right method of engagement is very important for a successful world cafe questions around the purpose of the engagement aiming to achieve and target audience should all be raised It is about identifying new ideas to make a difference it is not a place to be used to speak about problems It shows that the power of conversation is natural allowing individuals to speak out and voice their opinions leading onto further discussions with others which can then lead to one big dynamic café I have learned that world cafés are not like traditional meetings or presentations where a person speaks and expects the audience to listen It is about involvement and can be arranged anywhere from local cafés to even online

There are 4 key aspects that need to be considered in planning a world café The world café host table hosts preparation and travellers 3 of which have key roles World Café Host The host s job is not only to manage the event but to plan recruit and market and make sure it is all complete It is important for the host to be comfortable with everything that is planned they need to be able to engage be a good facilitator and have strong communication skills It is essential that they have the ability to stay calm in uncomfortable situations and are not afraid to make instant decisions Upon arrival the host would welcome the travellers on behalf of the agencies involved they would then inform them that it not a debate the importance of involvement and that it should be a fun exercise If incentives are provided it should be made clear that they would only be handed to all those that remained until the end of the session The importance of capturing conversations and writing ideas down on table cloths would be helpful in coding and analysis Once the initial welcoming process is done the host then hands over to the table host Table Host The table host is somebody whom remains on the table and facilitates conversations they encourage the travellers to talk amongst themselves in order to capture all the ideas and try to maintain a balance within the group They watch and listen in on the group concentrate and focus and record all discussions along with manage time 

Although the travellers are able to move around from table to table the table host has to remain and update the new travellers that come on their table It is all about connect and build and using the ideas from all tables The table host is not allowed to have an opinion they need to remain impartial Preparation There is a lot of preparation that s needed in holding a world café from documents such as facilitators briefing written documents with information about all the people involved and helping with the event This document should be given out prior to the café taking place All documents should be available to all involved in the event prior to the date it is also important to brief the table host making them aware about times and details of the event schedule so they know how the day will be In the preparation process it would be ideal to split the event into 3 sections café style starter mains and dessert as shown on video this would help to space the day out and keep on top of time management An ideal starter would be an ice breaker for the group as not everybody would know each other the main would be the topic of discussion which would be followed be the dessert summarising the event Travellers The travellers are the people who attend the event they are called travellers because as mentioned in the video that is what they do travel from one table to another to jot their ideas In encouraging them to move around it promotes a different dynamic and a range of conversations to take place For a successful world café to take place it is important to follow and consider the points above Mohini

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